Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was the first really autumnal day we had, and by that, I don't mean clear blue skies and pleasant temperatures and orange and yellow leaves dancing on the sidewalk. I mean, gray and cold and damp and just chilly enough that going to the park with Jamie, even with a latte in hand and the knowledge that I could visit with some other mom friends, seemed like an unpleasant thing to do.
Sorry kid. I'll do better tomorrow on the whole getting-outdoors-every-day thing. Instead, we delivered some leftover pizza to a friend (I invented this! It had pesto and smoked mozzarella and roasted squash and garlic chunks and sauteed spinach and onions and a little fontina on top because it didn't look cheesy enough to me ... and despite all the roasting and sauteeing and shredding and fridge-diving I had to do ... it was delicious) for her lunch, and stopped at the grocery store.
The fall is especially bittersweet because I am leaving a good, good summer behind. I finally decided to carve out enough time to rub two brain cells together and learn how to upload photos with the new laptop, so ....

The Fool shows Jamie the tools of our people, visiting with Toni at The Fold's booth at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. The Fool has a bad thing for these big wheels....

We explore the beaches of Michigan as part of a short break en route to a dance weekend on the shores of Lake Huron. Edward, Rachel and the two of us spent a few days in a cute little cabin being lazy, knitting socks and playing on the beach every day. The Fool had to work, poor guy, and so just caught the train up in time to drive across the state for the gig.
After that, Edward and Rachel moved to Boston, and that is no fun at all. Jamie is short a calabash aunt and uncle, I am short a cooking and knitting buddy, the Fool is short a fiddling friend, and now our band lives in three states. Boo hiss.

Studying ducks at a local forest preserve.

Someone turned two.

The Cosmic Otters quartet (quintet) play in Champaign Urbana. The Fool and I are still playing gigs as a duo, and that's fun, because it's how we started out, but we hear the missing accordion and fiddle parts when we play, little musical ghosts of gigs past. We're going to have to work on some arrangements that aren't quite so dependent on having the four parts for the times it's just the two of us. Meanwhile, Edward is trying to book dance weekends, because we can all get together for those.

I've been knitting like a madwoman. It's like I think I'm going to get a prize if I use up all my worsted yarn or something. Now that I have this photo thing figured out, I'll start photographing my knitting again.