Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long week

It's only 9:37 a.m. here and I have an eye twitch.
Jamie has been experimenting with some new and bizarre sleep patterns. Sunday night, the Fool was chatting online with a friend of ours who has two small kids, and she asked how dark his room was when we put him down for naps. Some blackout curtains might be just the key, she said.
The Fool leapt to his feet, demanded I put down the sewing project I was working on (nice flowery pretty stuff) and make, that minute, a blackout shade for the skylight in Jamie's room.
He hauled the stepladder out the next morning before work and hung the shade, and now Romeo spends all day in his new, cushy cave, snuggled on quilts sleeping.
Glad someone is sleeping around here.
Now if only he'd help with the laundry.
Anyway, in light of the long week, I combined a 40 percent off coupon at JoAnns with the new Martha Stewart needlework book, and it's been about as wonderful as I expected. I just like looking at all the very tasteful beautiful pictures of needlework projects in their native environments ... soft dusty earth tones, sage greens ... and not a board book in sight. Obviously, no one lives in her photo shoot land.
But, you know, that's all OK ... because we are mostly packed for Maryland Sheep and Wool! See you all on Saturday. I've been preparing Jamie for his first big fiber festival by singing the sheep and alpaca verses of Old MacDonald.

(Annual kid-in-a-tree picture. Spring 2010.)

(Same kid, same tree, 2009. I had no idea he and the Fool collaborated on outfits for these photos.)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The differences between men and women...again

ME: I dunno, it's been a bad week. I feel like I'm stuck in a rut or something. All my friends are doing interesting things and I'm just plugging along here.
I mean, look at me, I've had basically the same hairstyle since college.
FOOL: That's a rut?
ME: Yes.
FOOL: See, I think that's more "finding what works." You found what works and now you're just sticking with it. Like me.
ME: You have really curly hair that you get cut four times year.
FOOL: Yep. That works.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I decided this morning....

.... after pawing through Jamie's sock drawer, which has many, many useless socks in it (too small, mismatched, etc., etc.) that when I run the world, toddler socks are going to come in one color, and one color only. I'm leaning toward white. Although I would consider blue or green for a little variety.
I've been told by various mom friends that I should just go to Old Navy and buy a bale of white socks, and other mom friends have suggested that maybe I work on letting go of the idea that socks need to match.
But regardless, Jamie is out in the world today in a white sock (because I found two white socks but on the way to getting them on his feet, dropped one and couldn't find it) and a blue striped sock (because then, I said, 'screw it' and grabbed the first sock I saw) ... and I'm working on not caring very much.
This week, we were at a parent-child program thing, and one of the other moms saw his mismatched socks and said, "oh, did he pick out his clothes today?"
I smiled and said, "Yes."
That's my story and I'll be sticking to it.
To take the edge off, I cast on a sock myself. This is my Basket of Inspiration, or, a basket of pretty pretty sock yarn that I have on my computer desk so I can look at it and start knitting it. The stuff in the front is part of a pair of Skew socks. The yarn I cast on today is Miss Babs "Frog Princess," but to me, it says "Spring bulb garden."
The Fool has the camera cord today, so I can't photograph the sock, but it's from Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott's "Sock Club."

Back to knitting! Jamie is taking an extra long nap today and I've decided to take full advantage and not do anything useful at all.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

She turned me into a newt!

That's the best excuse I have for the prolonged absence.
Here is how pathetic it is: One of my knitting group friends had to tell me someone posted on Ravelry to see what we were doing because I haven't even been on Ravelry very much either.
Nothing bad, nothing difficult ... just some things getting in the way of blogging.
The Fool joined a new Irish band (but they're arguing over the name, so I can't tell you who they are yet), and so he's been busy with some extra rehearsals, which means I've been busy with Jamie more evenings.
The Cosmic Otters have had a lot of gigs. We just finished a week in the Southeast, which I will blog about in 2014, and we've got some more gigs coming up.
We did some car shopping. The Fool's car developed a bizarre can't-be-reproduced-for-the-mechanic power-steering/ power-brakes failure and we'd been researching for a while, so we took the big step into suburbanhood and ... bought a minivan. Like every other family-with-kids in the suburbs of Chicago. I went to the grocery store, parked my new car and couldn't find it for six weeks in the parking lot. So that ate up some blogging time.

As soon as I got it home, I put an identifying marker on the tailgate so now I can find it in parking lots.

Before spring came, I knit the Fool a pair of mittens.

Old mittens. Notice that when I knit those I didn't understand that thumbs aren't webbed the same way flippers are.

New mittens. Bulky Cascade 122 tweed. So fun to knit, because they were so fast. And the thumbs fit and everything! The contrasting brown strips are because I was afraid I was running out of yarn.

I tried to knit a sweater from A Fine Fleece for the Knitting Olympics, but I didn't quite make it. Still, I was impressed with how much sweater a person can knit if they knit like a madwoman on one thing, and one thing only. I was going to try to finish it for the Fool by St. Patrick's Day, but I was pretty sick of it, so it's on a time out for now.

Jamie continues to prevent me from getting lots of things done. Dear blog, don't feel neglected, because despite my sincere and desperate desire to spend time with my sewing machine, that hasn't been happening. Nor have plans to reorganize the bathroom, fix the screen door or sort through all the books and send some to the resale shop. Instead, I spend a lot of time reading about raccoons and pretending to call raccoons on the phone with Jamie. He's on a raccoon kick, or at least, he has been ever since one showed up on our porch and scared the living daylights out of him one night. Instead, we talk about them a lot. A. Lot.

Also, cussing out cats. I spend a lot of time cussing out cats, especially bad cats who get all friendly with the wool and chew small holes in it to show their love. This was a baby surprise jacket. Now it's going to get felted and made into a sack that I can stuff bad cats into.

This is the most amazing thing I have eaten lately. It was all Rachel's idea. She and Edward were over for a weekend visit/ Cosmic Otters rehearsal, and we had leftover roasted asparagus from dinner and a few mushrooms kicking around in the fridge, so she pulled up this recipe, and ... voila! I was afraid the egg thing would be weird, but it is not in the least.