Friday, September 19, 2008


Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
And I was too busy nurrrrrrsin' to talk to anyone like a pirate. Curses! Perhaps I will go to Starrrbucks and talk to the barrrrista after dinnerrrr!

So I picked up a stalled project, the Kauni autumn leaves sweater, and started knitting on it again, and now it has consumed what was left of my life outside taking care of Jamie. Angus also likes this sweater. He was kind enough to bite the end off one of the needles, leading me to think maybe I need to shed my Addi Natura habit for a Knitpicks one. Also, he carried my unfinished sweater down the hallway one night and left it outside the bedroom door -- with the balls of yarn in the living room, a trail of green down the hall.

Anyway, it's been going along swimmingly. The only disappointment is that fuel prices, airfares and the general economy have added up to "no Rhinebeck" this year. Sigh. We're thinking of taking a long weekend in Wisconsin or something, just to see pretty leaves, which is where I will be showing off my completed sweater, I hope. It's good to have goals.
Another goal is to start saving up now for Maryland Sheep and Wool -- grin.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Domestic harmony

Scene: The breakfast table. Jamie muttering happily to himself in his bouncy chair, deciding whether to demand More Food Now! The Fool and I drinking coffee.
From the hallway:
SPOOT: Hurrf! Hurrf! Hurrf! Yarrrf! (and other cat vomiting noises!)
FOOL: Spoot! Oh no! Poor girl. How are you?
ME: Is it bad?
FOOL: No, it's on the hardwoods. Actually, it's not so bad at all, now that we're taking care of a baby.

(Thanks for all the comments re: diaper bag. We've come up with some solutions about how better to use the backpack as well - but after yesterday's adventures, the main problem with the bag is not what's in it, but that it's not waterproof. I'll let the Fool discuss. Closing in on a sock foot, resurrecting a dormant project. Pictures to come.)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I swore I wasn't going to turn this into a mom blog

... but just this once....
So we use an old backpack for a diaper bag and it contains all the usual things a diaper bag has in it - diapers, wipes, a changing pad, an extra onesie, etc. But when Jamie and I go out, I put some of my things in the diaper bag too so I don't have to carry a baby, a diaper bag and a purse.
Last night, the Fool took Jamie and the bag into a public bathroom and came out in high dudgeon, because my things had interfered with the expeditious changing of a diaper. I was told that I could no longer use the diaper bag to hold non-diaper-related items, such as my sock in progress, a Jasper Fforde book I was reading, my wallet and my cell phone, as it was annoying in the utmost and made it harder to find things in the bag.
I was telling two friends about this today and one said, "He needs to suck it up. If he can't tell the difference between a diaper and a wallet, he shouldn't be taking care of a baby."

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ha! You CAN knit with a baby!

To prove it, here is a representative sock from a pair that I started during my three hour blood sugar test during week 28 of my pregnancy. (Some kind of Regia, Charlene Schurch pattern that is reminiscent of Jaywalkers, but doesn't make me crazy.)
And here I am with a 5-week-old baby kicking around the house, and I finally finished them!

We've been busy, but not so busy that we couldn't go out to our friend Lynn's for the annual Fox Valley Folk Festival party. We tried to make it to the festival, but Jamie had other ideas about good ways to spend the afternoon, which, for him, centered on nursing.
The Fool found it is possible to fiddle and mind the baby at the same time, as long as the baby is content to sleep through an old-time jam.