Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Baby Frankensocks

Pattern: Two Color Newborn Socks
Needles: 4 Clover Bamboo dpns (US 1)
Yarn: Sockotta
Recipient: Frankenstein's kid

So I knitted these socks with the intent of them fitting a 1 to 3-month old out of some leftover Sockotta my wife had in the stash. We have several friends that are about to have newborns, and I thought they would make a nice gift. Unfortunately, I misread the gusset shaping and made the gusset decrease section 4 times longer than it should have been. The result is a sock to fit a baby Frankenstein. Oops!

Since I just used the one color of Sockotta, many of the subtleties of the pattern intended to highlight contrasting colors got a bit swallowed up.

Hmmm... let's try this pattern again and see if I can do better.

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