Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Two New Projects

It's been awhile since I've written, mainly because I was dumb and left my work bag at last week's contra dance, which contained both my knitting projects as well as the camera. Once we were reunited with the bag on Monday, Meg took a picture of the corner where I left it to commemorate the occasion.

So... the two new aforementioned projects? They are both socks, of course. One is fairly mindless knitting (which I needed after Fiesta Feet), and the other involves a new technique for me.

This is the mindless knitting: a pair of tiger socks for myself knit out of Opal "Tiger" (I think it's actually called something else, but this colorway is very obviously tiger-striped to me). The heel is a forethought heel as suggested by Charlene Schurch. It's much less fussy than the afterthought heel (if the idea of a provisional cast-on doesn't send shivers up your spine), and you get the same bullseye effect.

This is my new technical challenge: arrowhead socks. This is a mosaic pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Mosaic knitting involves using two colors but, unlike stranded knitting, it isn't double thick and you only carry one yarn around the round. So far it's losing ground to the tiger socks, but I hope that it will get more exciting as the pattern emerges more clearly.

In other news, I found the second Fiesta Foot at the bottom of my roving bag (the bag in which I keep my wool roving, not the bag that wanders around in pursuit of loose women). So here is the pair in their full glory.

And, for those of you absolutely sick to death of pictures from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, stay tuned for Meg's complete coverage of the Great Midwest Alpaca Festival!

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Sockbug said...

I am mightily impressed by your Fiesta Feet! Love the colors!