Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whoo-ee, busy week

Chez Sock Knitters, we're trying to cram a whole lot of stuff into the first four days of the week in order to have lots of time for fun over the weekend. It's the second University of Chicago contra dance weekend featuring Nightingale (one of my favorite bands ever) and Lanea is coming out from DC to share in the fun. We have a trip to The Fold planned, as well as lots of dancing and a visit to the big quilt show. I'm trying a new recipe for fancy breakfast (salmon potato casserole and raspberry hazelnut scones) and we expect much merriment.
In order to get to the Big Fun Weekend, I have a freelance editing project I need to finish, the Fool and I need to clean the house in a big way, and there are a whole host of other things that need doing. (So today, I'm going to go out for lunch with an old friend and then to a career panel tonight - why do today what you can put off until tomorrow, y'know?)
Naturally, in the middle of this, when I thought, "oh, I'll knit a bit to unwind and get my head on straight..." I screwed up a mitten. I didn't even think to photograph it before I frogged it in disgust. It would be a great pair of mittens - for someone with two completely differently sized hands.
Instead of mismatching mittens, I'll leave you with this photo of the Monday night contra dance in Chicago. The Fool decided it was "Pajama Night" for reasons I'll never quite understand, seeing as he owned no pajamas until Monday morning when I found a pair at a store for him.
This is the Cosmic Otters with Extra Otter Edward (who you will, of course, remember from earlier posts. Despite admitting he owns "four or five" pairs of pajamas, he showed up in flannel pants and a T-shirt. But he did have a robe that matched the pants, so he gets some credit for that. A man in his pajamas gets no pseudonym.)


lola coca-cola said...

Fun! I think Jonathan was inspired by Nina's pajamas at the dance (by the way, she fell asleep before we even got on the train to go back to the hotel).

Anonymous said...

Party on Wayne and Garth!

Lanea said...

I can't wait I can't wait! See you both tomorrow night.