Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Life with wee Jamie has settled into a certain predictability. Sleep is irregular, although he makes it four hours at a stretch during the night. I was worried that he wasn't waking up enough, or he wasn't getting enough to eat, or that this was a Bad Thing, but the Fool wisely set me straight by telling me to count my blessings and go back to sleep. He eats, he makes messy diapers, he makes funny little bird noises and even funnier faces. He interferes with knitting in a big way.
Grandma Fool is visiting, which is a lot of fun. I'm hearing all sorts of stories about the Fool when he was a baby. Apparently, he never did anything wrong and was perfect in every regard. I think those hormones that help you forget the pain of childbirth run extra strong in his family.
In parting, Jamie says thank you for all the kind wishes and promises to be extra entertaining for blog fodder in the future. He also promises to pose for some more photos in hand knits soon.

Here he is disguised as a zucchini. Angus is still very puzzled as to what we've brought home. He keeps sniffing Jamie's toes cautiously and running off again.

(Grandma Fool is no fan of cats, and no fan of Angus either. The other night, Angus came trotting into the bedroom, fished his favorite toy out of the Fool's dresser, where we hide it, and set off purposefully for the living room, carrying it in his mouth, heading for Grandma. We had to grab him and tell him it just wasn't going to work; there was no way he could win friends and influence people in that arena. Poor cat. He seemed so hopeful that maybe, just maybe, she might want to play with him. )


Stephenson! said...

Yay, wonderful-zucchini-precious-chunky-beautiful-Jamie! *kiss* He's a cutie and he's only going to get cuter. :)

I'm glad things are settling for you two. I really miss you guys, as usual, and I hope we can see y'all sometime soon.

*plays with Angus in place of Grandma Fool*

yarndork said...

Oh my gosh, I just want to kiss those adorable cheeks! You must be feeding him some good stuff. Glad to hear you have some help too. Grandma's are great, even if they don't seem to like cats that much.

Haven't mastered the art of knitting while nursing yet, have you?

Sandy said...

what a sweet picture.

Katie said...

Squeee!!! I adore hats like those - I remember seeing someone at the OTS knitting one that looked like a strawberry.

Poor Angus - a strange new creature and a grandma who won't play. Terribly confusing for a little fuzzer, I would guess.

Big hugs and kisses to all of you!

anne marie in philly said...


I would play with angus too, if you only lived closer...

how have spoot and mab adjusted to the little bundle of joy that is jamie?

thank FSM for helpful grandmoms!

JustApril said...

OMGYAH....Cuteness overload. I love the new baby days (did it 3 times so far) so so sooooo sweet. Congrats mom and dad!

Love the Angus subplot btw! too funny

(and yes, the sleep! always get your sleep when you get the chance, a deficit can definitely accrue and come back to bite you in the butt way too hard)

scienceprincess said...

Angus is too cute investigating Jamie :-)

Jamie the zucchini is super cute too :-)

Enjoy the sleep and funny faces.

lola coca-cola said...

He's so stinkin' cute! Good job baking him!

Lanea said...

Awww, just bring it to me, Angus. I'll play.

Congratulations on Jamie, and thanks for the pictures. He is very, very cute. I hope you are all sleeping, eating, and feeling well.