Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Thursday

1. I don't know why I needed a recipe to tell me this, but if you take eggplant slices, bread and pan fry them, and then put them on a pizza crust with sauce and mozzarella cheese ... it's an eggplant parmesan pizza and it's very good.

2. I spent last night saying, "Geez, Jamie doesn't seem very interested in crawling long distances; he just likes to try to stand up." Today? I set Jamie down on the floor while I answered the call of nature, so I could keep my eye on him (when, oh when will I ever get to use the bathroom without an audience? Between Jamie and the cats....) and he immediately scooted off to the kitchen and started messing with the cats' water bowl. I think I'll lobby the Fool to set up the play yard so I have a place to deposit the kid when I have to.

3. I was reading Lime and Violet's Daily Chum, and clicked on this link to Norwegian purling, and I'm fascinated. I gave it a try on some 2x2 ribbing I'm working on a sock cuff, and although I think it's looser than my typical continental purling, I'm trying to figure out how to tighten it up, because, wow. I can see how this is much faster than the way I've been doing it, flipping the yarn from back to front with my finger.

4. The Fool had a really good day and I'm going to brag about him for a minute. He had a great performance review at work and got a promotion, so hooray that. It's apparently the kind of promotion that makes a man think maybe he ought to go out and buy a new pair of khakis and get rid of the ones with the frayed cuffs and the mouse nesting in the pocket.
And then, he did something cool with KnitML - and for me, the non-geek, to say it's cool - he trained the Knitimal to make charts out of written directions. He's working on training it to go the other way, too.
He said, "So this is the first useful thing I've done with this, as far as you're concerned."
I said, "No, no, I can see how all of it is good .... yes. I think this is the first useful thing you've done with it."

5. Tried a set of Hiya Hiya dpns for a sweater sleeve I knit at knit group last night. I had some Inox ones, (I think) and they were squeaky and sticky, and I was knitting Cascade, for pete's sake. I like the new needles very much.

6. I'm too lazy to take pictures of my current projects right now, and we're heading out for a little bit of a session anyway, so another day. I've mostly been knitting a pair of socks for my uncle in 2x2 rib, so, erm, that's not exactly groundbreaking. Instead, here's Spoot and Mab, cuddling up on a floor cushion, just like they used to do in the days B.A. (Before Angus.)

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anne marie in philly said...

YAYZ for job promotions!

YAYZ YAYZ for cat pix!

there's no stopping jamie now; batten down the hatches, childproof the house, and watch him go! YAYZ YAYZ YAYZ for baby steps!