Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A parade of FOs

A tiny parade.
Susan-in-the-comments had asked about the pillow. Here it is. Couldn't be easier. Get 11x17 pillow form, find fabric, eyeball an appropriate size, fold and stitch. Hem open end, slap some trim on, and there you have it, a pillow.
Note the total lack of a sleeping toddler on top of it. That seems to be its biggest flaw. Every time I haul it out for naptime and explain that people sleep with their heads on pillows, he starts pointing at the pictures and giggling.

Baktus on the piano ... the Fool did really well on Freecycle recently and we have an old piano, converted from a player piano, hanging out in the living room. No pianowarming party yet, unfortunately. We had to get it tuned, and as it has not been tuned in decades, we couldn't get it tuned to concert pitch - it's about a half step flat. Oy. In the spring, the tuner will try to tune it correctly and we'll see.

Janice came by this afternoon with a pile of toys she scored from a neighbor getting rid of them (we have entered the Era of the Duplo Blocks, I guess), and a pizza from Homemade Pizza Company, and we made tea and ate molasses cookies and apples all afternoon, and turned this pile of pinecones into.....


And this! I need a big fat red bow. For the wreath.

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Susan said...

Nice job of killing two birds w/one stone: both the Baktus scarf and the no-longer-player piano in the same shot. Brava!