Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Buy is not a super-fun place to take a toddler

But at least we have a digital camera again. The Fool and I were giggling about how, when we got our first camera six years ago, 5 megapixels was the big fancy-schmancy deal, and now, even the cheapest cameras have 10 or 12.
Then Jamie and I continued on our way to buy lawnmower parts. Big Fish, a large stuffed salmon pillow that lives in the minivan for various and weird reasons, got a reprieve from his car-centered life, and was allowed to come in the lawnmower repair shop. Mainly, I was too tired to argue about why Big Fish could not be shown lawnmowers, as Jamie wished to do. I hope the visit inspired Big Fish to change the air filter and mow the lawn.
Today, I sat in the car while Jamie napped and Kitchenered socks. We had a busy weekend and I was an Irish band wife (sorta like a soccer mom) and so at the Fool's various gigs with Chicago Reel, his new Irish band, I watched Jamie beetle around various parks and knit socks. During sound check, Jamie and I walked down to the big fountain at Millennium Park, that you can wade in, and splashed around for nearly an hour.
By the second-to-last number of the band's 45-minute set, when Paddy and Denis were doing their dueling Irish tenors act, belting - and I mean belting - out "The Lowlands of Holland," Jamie said to me, "Mama, hold you," and so I picked him up, and he put his head on my shoulder, and by the end of the song, he was limp. By the end of the concert, after a big set of reels with stepdancers clattering around in hard shoes and a lot of applause from the audience, he was snoring softly in my ear and didn't wake up when we put him in the stroller.
That kind of behavior gets a person lots of knitting time to finish nearly-finished socks.
I'm not complaining. I'm just Kitchenering.


Jenny said...

Talented kid - he can nap and kitchener socks all at once! ;D

meg said...

haha! I know! If only I were so productive in my sleep...

Susan said...

Awww....so sweet. I love the falling-asleep-in-my-arms thing. I'll be sad when Liam gets past that stage of his life.

And I've noted the item about Best Buy for future reference. We shall only visit electronics stores that have grocery carts with seats!