Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Some free advice

Today, I was having a lousy day. So Jamie and I decided to go out to lunch - have ourselves a little treat. We picked a Chinese restaurant that recently opened up; soy sauce and ginger and garlic and green onion often cheer me up. Here's what I was reminded of:
1. Don't trust a Chinese restaurant that doesn't put chopsticks on the table.
2. Don't trust a Chinese restaurant with really good decor.
I left grumpier than when I arrived and had to get an iced coffee and a chocolate chip cookie to even start to turn things around.

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Anonymous said...

That is sooo not fair to anticipate 'tasty' and get, well, not what you were looking for. Probably would have taken 3 c.c. cookies to turn me around.
And I love the photo of 'Sweetpea' and Jamie! Gadzooks, he is growing. Thanks for blogging even though you are super busy! Paula in Iowa