Friday, June 16, 2006

Not To Be Outdone...

I'm posting tonight as well. We're off to Louisville tomorrow to play for the area contra dance. Then it's off to Asheville for a few relaxing days in the foothills of the Great Smokey Mountains. There will be lots of music and dancing on this trip: once in Louisville, two other contra dances during the week, and probably an Irish session Sunday night at a lovely-looking place called Jack of the Wood.

The Tiger Socks are, in fact, finished, though I don't feel like taking any more pictures tonight. We snapped a whole bunch of pictures of toddlers earlier, so my index finger is tired. The first mosaic sock is done (it's the one I'm wearing on my foot at the WWKIP day from Meg's post). I have started the second. It's going to be a complete negative color of the first sock. I know that the thought of this drives some knitters crazy, especially since I'm deliberately going to the trouble to ensure they don't match. But they're my socks, darn it.

I've also swatched for a friend's foot. As part of the barter system, she is going to make me nice sock blockers in exchange for a pair. They are a colorful, stripy greenish Lang, which will be a lot of fun. I've also promised another pair of socks as part of a barter to our catsitter, who will be periodically checking in on our two dear furry friends.

We'll have a lot of pictures from Asheville, and hopefully some of them will be of knitting.

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Fidget said...

Hi Meg and Jonathon -- Thanks for clueing me on the knitters and quilters and the no-gang thing. I chortled, and then had to reference it over on my blog when I posted my quilt-in progress. I wish I'd read this entry earlier. I contra-dance, and will drive to Asheville with little or no provocation!