Friday, June 16, 2006

Two garbage pickers

Or one garbage-picker and one flashlight-holder
So it's been a very busy few weeks chez Sock Knitters.
Both of us saw an upswing in the amount of work that needed doing at, oh, work. Imagine! Working. At work. Both of us. A lot.
So not so much knitting, or if it was, it was the entirely unremarkable kind where you make socks on the train.
We went to the WWKIP last weekend, though, and that was a lot of fun.

And I have a bit of a confession to make, although not couched in a Bernstein West Side Story reference, which is how I was going to do it.
See, before I started knitting, I quilted. I fell back into that for a while and so have been making colorful flying goose blocks. A friend of mine pointed out that it was OK, and that it wasn't like quilters and knitters were two rival gangs.
But what if they were, I thought. What if they were?
Cue finger snaps....
"When you make quilts, you make quilts all the way ...."

Tonight, we went to a nearby park with Thorny and her family, and my friend Carrie and her family. We packed a picnic for the herd of toddlers and got bottled lemonade and a watermelon - really did it up right. I even remembered to bring two spoons to use for mustard and mashed avocado for the sandwiches.

But the Fool and I have a problem with spoons. We have the good spoons, the ones that all match, that we use every day. Then we have the Cannister of Mismatched Silverware, the ones we had when we got married, that we save for emergencies (like 30-person dinner parties). The CoMS lives on a tall shelf in the pantry and whenever I try to jam more silverware in it, I stab myself on old steak knives and get irritated. So the other day, I issued an ultimatum.
"No more using crap spoons! I hate putting them away. From now on, we use the good spoons."
The Fool, whatever his other faults, does listen to me, so today, when I said, "Hey, grab a couple of spoons," he thought for a moment, remembered the ultimatum, and got two good spoons.

When we started picking up our watermelon rinds, we had not thought ahead enough to bring a garbage bag, so I put them in the lidded bowl we had brought the watermelon in ... along with the two dirty spoons.
"I put all of the garbage in this bowl," I told the Fool. So he emptied the bowl into the garbage, being the good husband that he is. (Who is editing.)

So we just got back from the park, where with a flashlight, he very gamely dug through the trash to get our spoons back. A guy and his girlfriend happened by and offered their flashlight too.

"Great," the Fool said. "Now I'm not just the weird guy who fiddles on the porch, I'm the weird guy who picks through garbage, too." In the end, we were triumphant.

Oh, and knitting content? Thorny brought me a present! She dyed the yarn herself! And that's a pattern for a knitted hedgehog, and also some exotic candy - one tin of ginger chews and one tin of rose pastilles.


Lisa said...

Hi Meg! I've enjoyed reading the adventures of fellow Chicago sock knitters, and was wondering if I could get in on the great indigo vat experiment. I've got a sweater that I would love to dye with indigo. Feel free to email me at lrlowrance at ameritech dot net.

meg said...

Hi Lisa - I'd be happy to include you in the indigo vat plans. I'm still doing some research on how to do it, but I'll keep you posted.

Sockbug said...

Oh, the spoon story is too funny!