Saturday, December 16, 2006

Michigan, ho!

We're off to Lansing for a quick overnight today - playing at the contra dance, and then heading back home tomorrow.
The calendar did that thing where the days march along in orderly fashion, and then, when I'm making dinner, someone rips a whole week out of the year, and suddenly, I look up and panic sets in, and then the Fool and I are having discussions that end with me saying stuff like:
"We cannot send Christmas cards out after Christmas, before New Year's! I don't care if they say 'Peace on earth,' they're not New Year's cards. They're Christmas cards sent by slacker procrastinators who can't meet one simple deadline!"

Maybe not my finest moment this week.

But I did a little mental reshuffling, and it's better now.
Thorny is not getting a thing from me until we go to Madison in late January to play the contra dance there.
The Fool's two gifts still on the needles really aren't a secret anymore, and I'll probably finish them as we drive to Pittsburgh next week.
My friend Carrie, who picked a rather big - and justified - bone with me about not spending time with friends because I was too busy (see above re: collection of fine moments this week) has a scarf on the needles as well. So that's my first priority. Because I suspect not finishing her present because I ran out of time would be a faux pas, as they say.
So today, as we drive to Lansing (and stop at Threadbear! Yay!), I'll be exercising spousal prerogative and insisting the Fool drive, so I can knit like a madwoman.
Finished the Sea Silk scarf this morning, blocked, fringe and all - photo update to come.
Happy weekend, everyone.


LaurieM said...

While you're at Threadbear, take a look around for a Fiber Fish Mitten pattern, would ya please? I just want to know it's there is all.


meg said...

I saw it, actually, looking for a felted acorn-shaped purse pattern.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the Sea silk scarf. You have officially shamed me into thinking that I need to get my Christmas cards sent out (I am still just thinking at this point though)

Lanea said...

Enjoy Michingan! Some of my favorite people live there.

Franklin said... so totally sounded like an editor there for a minute, talking about the Christmas cards. I got chills.

LaurieM said...

Thanks Meg! Good to know.