Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Fool is in Dallas

So no pity - it's 70 degrees there. It's also where the digital camera is, so I can't upload pictures from our weekend adventures yet.
I can say a couple things.

1. Hillcreek Yarn Shop in Columbia is a way cool place, where we ogled some yarn and ultimately walked out without spending a cent. I'm not sure how that happened. Especially as the owner saw us walk in with instrument cases (too cold to leave them in the car) and offered to cut us a deal if we played for her. We've played for spare change and dinner - I think yarn is definitely worthwhile.

2. So that cabling-without-a-cable-needle thing that Annie Modesitt showed off at Arcadia? Definitely faster than the way I was doing it. I'm a convert.

3. That being said, this sweater I'm working on has two rows of nothing but 2 x 2 cables in that honeycomb pattern and wow, is that ever slow. Luckily, there's only six inches of it. I think it took me nearly two sitcoms to get through Row 7 tonight. It's a 322-stitch row, but still....

4. Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! - while I was using the ladies' room at the yarn shop, I was studying the promotional flyers posted on the walls, announcing upcoming knitting book titles - Charlene Schurch wrote a sequel to Sensational Knitted Socks and it's coming out in March! Hooray! If that doesn't banish all thoughts of freezing to death, nothing will.


Thorny said...

RE #2 - you totally have to show me this when I see you next

RE #4 - I ran across that too! And I'm totally all spastic with sock-knitting glee!

Eldronius said...

Hey! I live in the Dallas area. I have no idea what he is doing here, but if he had time I could have been hospitable and taken him out to dinner....unless that is creepy. Yeah.

the fiddlin' fool said...

Not weird at all. My company has an office in Richardson, and I was down there giving a presentation. I'm sure I'll get to go back some time in the future, in which case I'll let you know.

Eldronius said...

Oh Richardson is fairly close. It is the area of the metroplex where the asian community tends to live. It is in that area I love to go have dim sum...which is right next door to one of our only two LYS...go figure!