Thursday, February 15, 2007

No clever title here; too tired

This is the sleeve to a sweater I'm knitting these days. It's out of Blackwater Abbey, in kind of an orangey-rust color, which isn't showing up quite right in the photo. It's great yarn, although it's a two-ply and is prone to split some. I'm using an Addi Turbo for it right now, and I think I'll go back to the yarn store (darn!) and see if I can get one of the Addi Natura needles instead. I think the cables will be less slippery to manage.
I tried one yarn shop near my office today, but they were backordered on the size I needed. Got the Fool an extra Addi 1, because he managed to nick a cable with scissors several months ago and the stitches are catching. I also fondled some sock yarn, but such is my devotion to this sweater that I didn't even waver. The shop's dog was scampering around - a miniature Italian greyhound in a corduroy coat (it's cold here). He hopped up on a chair and when I bent over to say hello, he sniffed me delicately with his very, very pointy nose.
I started the body of the sweater a couple weeks ago, while we were on our Missouri tour. It's hard going, because it's 322 stitches, and those go slowly. I'll put up a picture when there's more progress to report.
It's been a rough week so far. My dad is not in good health and went into the hospital. He's 80, so many problems that I would find inconsequential are much more serious at his age. I'm very worried about him, so I go and sit next to his bed while he sleeps and knit. All the nurses ask me about it. I tell them it's like fidgeting, but at the end, I get a sweater. It's probably just as well he's not very aware of what I'm doing; I caught sight of myself in the mirror in the ladies' room, and I look downright Eeyore-like, a mopey red-eyed owl clutching her knitting.
When I got home, Spoot walked around howling at me until I picked her up and petted her and we both felt a little better.


Lanea said...

I'm sorry your Dad is having health trouble. Sigh. I hope he gets better quickly. I guess I'm not the only one who needs to knit in hospitals.

Beautiful sweater in the making.

meg said...

Thanks. It's turning out to be a surprising comfort. I hope to have the sweater done by mid-March so I can debut it in DC. And I talked to Dad's cardiologist last night, and they are optimistic that he will improve over the weekend.

GaiaGal said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear that you dad is in poor health, Meg. Sending positive healing energy thoughts his way.