Sunday, November 25, 2007

Look! Yarn!

I normally avoid day-after-Thanksgiving shopping like the plague.
It's crowded, it's loud, the deals usually aren't deals on anything I need or want, if they're deals at all ... the lists go on.
So when Lorna in Tuesday night knitting group mentioned that Peggy's, a yarn shop in Plainfield, a good 25 minutes from my house, was having a Friday sale, I was inclined to dismiss it. Forty percent off everything in the store from 7 to 9 a.m.
It will be crowded, the roads will be filled with lunatics racing to WalMart, it is early, I have yarn.
I thought for a bit, on Wednesday and Thursday and realized, I have two Viking hats to knit for two young Vikings and no brown yarn left.
I have a baby sweater for a coworker that needs knitting by March and if I'm buying yarn for that, I may as well buy it at 40 percent off.
So I set forth with two objectives. A skein of brown Viking hat yarn in Cascade 220 or similar, and yarn for a baby sweater. Both at 40 percent off.
Lorna was in the back room when I got there, as were some of the other women I knit with, and we all encouraged each other to buy yarn.

To disastrous, 40 percent off ends.
See that purple stuff? It's Rowan felted tweed. More to the point, it's enough Rowan felted tweed for a sweater ... and no real pattern in mind. I do not buy yarn like that.
Also, some sock yarn. (The Fool should maybe avert his eyes now if he doesn't want to ruin Christmas.)

So that does it. I'm done buying yarn for the rest of the year.


LaurieM said...

The rest of the year? Can you hold out a whole month?!

Heh. Forty percent off is not to be scorned. You did well and I'm certain the right pattern will come forth for that yarn.

Katie said...

Well, you're done, unless we need to get me some yarn for me to learn how to knit! Mwahahaha!

OK, yes, I have a fair amount of random yarn from previous crocheting/knitting projects, but it's all the borring stuff you get at JoAnn's and Michael's.

So, just let me know when you want to start our bodhran/knitting exchange, and we can compare schedules!


SarahA said...

I made the mistake of going to a yarn store in Minneapolis that was going out of business. That plus a few bookstore runs and we had 3x as much luggage as when we left Chicago.

Kathy in KS said...

Good catch! Yarn buyers everywhere are proud of you. And if that purple is as nice as it looks, a pattern will make itself known to you.

Sarah said...

Fortunately the rest of the year is a mere 35 days away. Good haul! Wish I could have been there.
Who am I kidding? I wasn't going anywhere by 9 am.