Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thanks, Angus

Last night, after I got home from knit group, as a reward for a trying day, I decided to cast on for Lucy Neatby's Sea Lettuce scarf. I dug into the depths of the sock yarn basket and pulled out a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in nice blues and greens, and I unwrapped the skein and put it on the swift and started to wind it, and oh big hairy hell, it turned out to be one of those skeins.
The ones that the Devil makes.
I had to wind it by hand off the swift, and then it made a mess of a ball, and then while I was winding the ball again, Angus leapt on it and grabbed it and raced down the hall with it while the Fool laughed helplessly and pointed, so I had to chase him* and get it back and he bit me and I got the end tangled and was so disgusted by that point I cut off and threw out about six feet of yarn, and then I had to wind it again .... and then she wanted a crochet cast on!
So I had to go look that up.
But I finally got the thing going, with the nice little picot edging, and, yeah.
Except I've decided it really needs a bead on each picot (another "things I swore not to knit" goes down the tubes....first lace, now beads), so I snuck out before lunch and went to JoAnns and got beads and this very tiny crochet hook to add beads to my remaining picots, because I don't want to frog it and thread a bunch of beads.
Now it's a very fun knit, and it's hard to not want to put beads on everything.
But still, it felt like a lot of work for something that was supposed to be fun and easy.

*Angus, not the Fool, as much as the Fool might like to think he could bite me when I try to take yarn away from him.


LaurieM said...

At least you've gotten excellent blog fodder from the escapade. It made me laugh out loud.

JustApril said...

I totally laughed out loud, too! I can just see the cat scampering away and the Fool laughing. hehehe

the fiddlin' fool said...

I didn't bite you that hard...

Kathy in KS said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that stuff happens to. I had one of "those" hanks too, and I don't even have a swift yet. I wind my hand using my feet to hold the hank, and then I sort of do this yoga-like move where I go back and forth while bending forward and winding. Happened to one of my baby alpaca hanks, and I was so mad, but I was NOT going to throw it away - it was like $4.

Franklin said...

How about putting beads on the sole of the foot? If they were, like, smooth wooden ones you would totally have accupressure socks.

No, wait, I'm going to write up the pattern and sell it to IK and make a million dollars. I'll buy you some sock yarn with it. I'll even have it wound for you.

Lanea said...

Cats are evil. Yarrow keeps drooling on my spinning wheel and trying to eat my socks.