Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Civics 101

This morning, I said to Jamie, who was wide awake and smiling (a nice contrast from last night, when he alternated mostly between sleeping and yelling), "Happy Election Day, kid. Today we're putting Barack Obama in the White House."
The Fool chimed in, sleepily.
"Actually, we're nominating him....electoral...mrrf."
I gave Jamie a brief overview of the Electoral College and how it worked, and concluded with, "But as you're only three months and two days old, I think we'll stick with, 'today we're electing a president.' I'll explain the rest of it next time."
This morning, Jamie and I are going to go vote. Well, I'm going to vote. Jamie's going to be hand luggage, as usual. He seems happy with our agenda.

(Darnit. Forgot to adjust red-eye. Can we just pretend I don't have a wee fiendish baby?)

I asked the cats about their Election Day plans, and Spoot said they had all agreed to vote Fibertarian. (Who knew my cats were a voting bloc?)
"We considered Obama," she said, "and McCain, but in the end, four-legs have to stick together, y'know?"
Mab emerged from under the bed and said she liked McCain's black and white cat, "Oreo," but she wasn't so sure about his domestic financial policies, and as her investments had already taken a hit this year, didn't want to take chances. I tried to explain to her that Oreo wasn't responsible for policy decisions, but she went back under the bed to watch CNN. I also tried to explain to her that I didn't think Dolores was any kind of expert on any kind of domestic policy at all, but she just turned the volume up and asked me to bring her a fresh bowl of crunchies.
And Angus said that when he heard Obama had no pets at all, he emailed him a biting. I expect to hear from the Secret Service any day now.

The sweater moves along. There are nine leaves per sleeve, and I have completed eight leaves on the first sleeve. I feel like I'm knitting more slowly than I used to. No idea why.

Go vote, everyone.


Sandy said...

I told MB the same thing this morning. we just got back from the polls! Sure wish I was in chicago tonight. Grant park will either be a rocking party or on fire. Jamie looks so cute and happy!

wren said...

Dear Angus: Thank you for providing the best commentary on the election today.

anne marie in philly said...

my polling place opened at 7a; at 7:45a I was voter #102.

unbelieveable turnout here; saw many first-time voters.

and would you believe dolores' name was NOT on the ballot here?

supercute pix of jamie and mab!

I second sandy - wish I could be at grant park tonight; that place will be R-O-C-K-I-N-G!


meg said...

Anne Marie - I got to my polling place around 9 or so, and I was voter No. 330. Pretty cool. We thought for about 10 seconds about going down to Grant Park, but we decided it would be dumb with a baby, so we're making Thai tofu for dinner and hanging out with NPR.

Diane said...

Cute Jamie! Just a note: watch when you do the red eye on wee ones. It sometimes turns the area around their eye to a greyish tint which is quite sad.

Nickname unavailable said...

Was at Grant Park Tues night - it was awesome - even for being packed in like sardines with 70,000 of my closest friends for 4 hrs.

Susan said...

Good for you to start Jamie's civic education so early! I debated about taking Liam to the polls, but given that he was just a week old and hadn't started gaining weight yet, I left him at home with Mom/Granny. Still, it makes me so happy, and gives me hope for our future, that Obama won Liam's first election. Who'd'a thunk it?

meg said...

Susan - I think Liam will forgive you if you let him stay up to watch the inauguration :)