Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving hats

I've been working on some hats for the silent auction at Breaking Up Thanksgiving, our contra dance community's annual big dance weekend. There's dancing until the wee hours to pickup bands, workshops, a great potluck, lots of jamming and hanging out - very fun.
This is Hat 1. It's from Anna Zilboorg's "45 Fine and Fanciful Hats to Knit," which I bought when I was a very new knitter and didn't know anything other than that those hats were beyond me and knitting books tended to go out of print and skyrocket in price. It was an aspirational purchase.
It's a beret, and it's larger than Jamie's head, but Angus wouldn't hold still. I feel like it's a little shallow, but my niece, (a self-described pinhead) who visited over the weekend, tried it on and said the hat fits fine - it's my head that's funny-sized. I'm still debating whether to pick up stitches from the bottom and whomp a few rows of ribbing on. I don't quite believe her.
Poor kid. Wait until he finds out his mom used him as an Internet hat stand.

Here's the back of the beret (and the front of the Fool, who was making silly faces to get Jamie to smile.)

Anna Zilboorg's hats were a challenge to me at first - she writes about a half page of general instructions for each type of hat, and then makes charts for the rest without too much explanation. They're not so great if you want a mindless knit. I've got another of her hats on the needles, so I'll put up pictures of that one when it's finished, which should be only a dozen rounds more. I might knit a third, they're so entertaining, now that I've figured her patterns out.

The other fun knitting-related event was last Friday, when I put Jamie in his "Future Knitter" onesie and headed downtown to meet the Fool for dinner at Wishbone, (restaurant I didn't realize how much I missed until I lived far away from it) and then Franklin's booksigning at Loopy Yarns. Franklin's book is funny and a skein of some Malabrigo silk/ wool deliciousness followed me home, which makes it a prime Friday night in my universe.

The autumn leaves sweater is progressing, although slowly. I finished one sleeve with the I-cord bindoff, and I'm afraid it's too short. I'm going to block it and then decide whether I need to take the I-cord off and put on a regular cuff. I'm leaning that way anyway. The next step is to but the other armhole steek, but Jamie hit a growth spurt and has been nursing a lot at night and I haven't been sleeping so much and I think steeking on no sleep is probably a dumb idea and picking up stitches fails to amuse me even at the best of times. It's just as well I have these smaller projects to entertain me.


Sandy said...

How great do you guys look? Jamie is beyond cute. Wish mine were still that small.

anne marie in philly said...

what a great pix! all y'all look wonderful! thanks for sharing!

Diane said...

You just need to strike a deal with Jamie: If you don't tell the therapist that I used you as a hat stand then I won't show the naked mohawk baby picture to anyone.