Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oregon withdrawal

A lot of other knit bloggers were talking about post-Sock Summit malaise, and I completely identify. Even though the Fool and I came back to a pretty full week of mostly fun, it was hard getting back into the swing of things after vacation. It always is.
Jamie had his one-year checkup on Tuesday, and I was chatting with the doctor, who also knits (she saw a sock-in-progress sticking out of my purse once and asked if she could take it out to look at while I wrestled Jamie back into his clothes, and another time, she was wearing a Hanne Falkenberg jacket.) I asked if she had been at Midwest Fiber and Folk, and she asked if I was going to Stitches, and I said I probably would go, but only to keep my friends company and not shop because I had just gotten back from Sock Summit.
"You went to Sock Summit!?" she said, loudly enough that Jamie squeaked in startled protest. "I'm so jealous! What classes did you take?"
And my poor kid had to sit there in his diaper staring at the two crazy knitters yammering about socks and yarn over his head.
I'm nearly finished with my first toe-up sock, and it was so much fun, not only do I plan to knit another for my other foot, I plan to knit a couple more pairs after this. I'll put pictures up, because the digital camera decided to heal itself.
I'm trying not to cast on a lace shawl. It may be a lost cause. The only thing holding me back is that Bridgewater takes 1,600 yards and I have a 1,200-yard-skein. I haven't had time to go look and see what I have in the stash, or decide what to do.
I blocked the lace curtain today. It's drying on the guest bed, stretched on a towel covered with a layer of cloth diapers. Hey, you work with what you've got. Angus and Romeo spent today napping right next to it, with barely a toe apiece resting on the actual knitting. Perhaps linen is not as comfortable as wool.
On to the obligatory vacation snapshots.

The Fool and Jamie stand on my aunt's porch in southern Oregon and look at wild turkeys in the yard. Every morning, a flock of them came squawking (it took me eight tries to spell that; time to sleep) through, and every morning, Jamie was fascinated.

Jamie recoils in horror as his father offers him a piece of carrot cake for his birthday. He had a slice of peach instead.

Best stuff ever. Also notable? Pine State Biscuits in SE Portland. Equally good with egg and cheese or jam.
Also notable? The fruit. Dang. We could not eat enough strawberries, cherries or peaches. All three of us just kept hoovering the stuff down. So delicious.

Jamie rides through the Portland Farmer's Market.

Coffee and biscuit sandwiches for breakfast; meanwhile, Jamie goes for a walk to meet other babies.

This is my aunt's new kitten, Sasha. That is my ball of yarn (Bunkybobo's St. Crispin)

Here is Jamie taking the ball of yarn away from the kitten. Good, I said, that's what you do. You take knitting away from cats. You do not ....

... wave it around so they can play with it more.


Sandy said...

Save the yarn Jamie! lol How cute is that? Hard to belive he is a year. I took my little guy to meet his kindergarden teacher last night.

anne marie in philly said...

awwwwww, both jamie and the kitteh are cuties!

Rachel said...

meg, you look incredibly happy in that photo. i like :) also, i will make that shawl with you. i want. let's go buy yarn since i almost have a job!

LaurieM said...

I lost you guys from my bloglines feed! Nice to hear from you all and glad to hear you had a great time.

Happy B-day Jamie! Nice party game you invented, "String up the Cat".