Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I did in Portland

So Portland was amazing. Not only did I get to spend lots of time hanging around a very cool city with my favorite little guy, but I also got to hang out with friends and family. (Sorry, no pictures because the camera was fully busted by this point.)

Thursday night, we met up with my first cousin once removed in Hillsboro for dinner at her place. She loves food, the outdoors, trips, and really knows how to live life to its fullest out on the west coast. Dinner consisted of locally-caught salmon, an amazing assortment of fresh fruit from local you-pick farms, and vegetables from her garden. We had a fabulous time. Jamie in particular loved Buster and Maggie, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels 'n 'nat.

We spent Friday dinner with our friends Holly and Steve in Southeast Portland. Meg and Holly got to catch up on old times while Jamie and I played with their two boys. A year back, we had given them a copy of Sam Bartlett's Stuntology. It is out belief that every young boy needs a copy of this book. It was good to see that it was getting lots of use.

On Saturday, Five-Cats-Matt and his wife came down to check out the yarn market and knit on the Big Sock. Well, they didn't know about the Big Sock until they arrived at the Market. But they knit for quite a bit. I knit quite a bit on it as well, for Jamie had fallen asleep on my back at that point. I think we spent about two hours around the table knitting.

Saturday night we had dinner and tunes with Lisa Ornstein, Quebecois fiddler extraordinare. We had a great time discussing music over dinner and then playing some great tunes. I look forward to our meeting again. Also, I think that Five-Cats is now addicted to Quebecois tunes. I sent him a video of Louis Boudreault on YouTube and he is now enthralled.


Knitting Rose said...

"Excuse me, I don't know how to ask this - but are you the Fool and his wife?" Heh heh
Just thinking about Portland makes me blush because I was such a dolt!

meg said...

I think it was a perfectly good question ... one time, a blog reader came up and introduced themselves to the Fool based solely on his hair.