Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

There's a real post about Christmas in the offing (e.g., I need to download the photos), but in the meantime, the Fool and Jamie and I wish everyone a happy 2010 filled with all the stuff they love,
and none of the annoyances.
Tonight, we are staying in. I've already made potstickers from scratch from my new Asian cookbook (Asian Dumplings, by Andrea Nyugen. Great!), broiled teriyaki chicken wings, sauteed some bok choy and made almond biscotti for a present for Edward and Rachel (who better be too busy having fun in London to be sitting around reading blogs tonight.)
Jamie got to help clean the house, and he ate potstickers and took bites from my chicken wing, and despite the fact we seem to have a mouse living in the car trunk that scared him when he saw it earlier today, he had a good end of 2009.
(The mouse thing was pretty funny, at least from my point of view. Jamie got startled when the wee brown critter dashed into view and burst into tears, with a quivery lower lip and everything, and kept pointing and howling and signing "mouse" [he knows some sign language] while I held him and told him it was OK, little mousies were nothing to worry about.)
A little later, after Jamie goes to bed, the Fool and I are going to sit up and work on a Christmas present we need to finish by tomorrow. It's going to the same home as the biscotti, and it rhymes with "knee posy."
Happy 2010, everyone!

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