Sunday, December 06, 2009


I've been having an owl period, much like Picasso had a blue period, but not resulting in the generation of actual art. My mother collected owls, but she was selective in her collection, only acquiring ones she thought were particularly beautiful or interesting. These are a couple of my favorite ones.

Owls have been popping up otherwise, too. We dressed Jamie as an owl for Halloween, but he wouldn't stand still long enough for a good picture. (Martha Stewart pattern, hat hand-knitted by the Fool out of Cascade 220.)

And I knit him an owl hat (Hoot Hat, one of the Spud and Chloe patterns), and for a first try at this pattern, I think it came out OK. I think the body of the next hat needs to be longer and the beak needs to be bigger. I'll have to find another little kid who needs an owl hat this winter. Again, an uncooperative model. I sense a trend here.

(body of hat in brown Sheep Shop Yarn Co. bulky weight, bought from WEBS at Stitches Midwest, top in doubled Cascade 220, features in odds and bobs of worsted weight.)
I had a dream this morning, between waking up, falling asleep, and waking up again when Angus and Jamie came tromping in to visit me (The Fool was out in the living room, only barely supervising the livestock and working on his own knitting). It wasn't a very profound dream; it was about eating breakfast. But I was really disappointed to wake up and learn that I was not eating a freshly made fruit-filled crepe with Nutella and coffee for breakfast, but instead, peanut butter toast and tea.
I could taste the strawberries, I swear to you.


Sandy said...

Jamie so so cute! I love the owls too.

=Tamar said...

Very cute, both hat and child.
Funny, the other morning I dreamed my appointment had been canceled. It wasn't... but I was lucky and woke up and made it anyway.

maura said...

Jamie's owl costume is adorable!