Saturday, July 17, 2010

Midwest Fiber and Folk Arts Fest

So I'm the vendor coordinator at this fiber fest ... we're on day two. Last day is tomorrow. The venue (Lake County Fairgrounds building) is terrific. Everyone is having fun. The yarn and fiber and pottery and jewelry and baskets ... all pretty. It's a nice time. We're in Grayslake, up near the Wisconsin-Illinois border.
Jamie and the Fool stop out each day to see how I'm doing. The Fool had a stomach bug yesterday, so I had Jamie all morning. He rode around on my back or in his stroller when I had to run out on the floor to talk to vendors. This worked, as long as we stopped to visit the angora bunnies each and every time we went for a walk.
Angora bunnies? Really cute. And soft. And furry. I admit, I thought, wow, if one of these got along with the cats, I would be OK with having one of these hopping around the place.
And then I took a good look at the rabbit guy, who was wearing a dark blue T-shirt, and noticed that he had an awful lot of rabbit fur on his shirt, and decided maybe not. I can't keep up with the cats. I found an Angus hair in my sandwich the other day and thought, good grief, I've probably eaten an entire cat by now.
Nevertheless, each time Jamie saw the rabbits, he hit me on the shoulder and said, "Mama! Go see really really big bunny rabbits! Go see bunny rabbits! Over there!"
Last day tomorrow. (And I get to go to an indigo dyeing workshop. Can't wait.)

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see you are back again! I miss you all when you're out.
"good grief, I've probably eaten an entire cat by now." That sounds soo much like my house and I have only one cat.
Thanks for being here. Paula in Iowa