Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing gets you spinning again... going to a festival of fiber such as the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair.

I swung by Toni Neil's booth (of The Fold) to ogle (okay, pet) various rovings. I realized that one of the reasons my spinning had fallen by the wayside (other than raising a toddler) was that I had run out of bobbins. (Okay, sometimes really stupid things become enormous hurdles for me.) So not only did I go home with a couple more bobbins to solve this problem, I also went home with a heavenly blend of silk and wool which is just magic to spin up.

I did set the wheel back up last night, but I decided that nightly spinning gratification wasn't quite frequent enough. So this morning, I threw my Bosworth top-whorl spindle (along with the roving) into my work bag, and I very nonchalantly pulled it out on the train and began to spin.

It was really fun. I didn't need nearly as much elbow room as I thought I might. In fact, I found that I could spin effectively with people sitting on both sides of me... though I fear I may have been overexposing my armpit to the fellow sitting to my right. (He would occasionally clear his throat, but it was difficult for me to tell if this was somehow commentary or simply a throat tickle.)

Oddly, even though I thought I would be out of practice, I'm still quite good at the spindle. I had forgotten how much control a spindle gives me... and the Bosworth spins like a absolute dream. I still spin a bit unevenly, but I'm hoping that it all becomes a wash when I go to ply.

I have no idea what I'll use the silk yarn for, but I'm sure that Meg can come up with some ideas. Toni told me to not worry.

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