Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sticky hot weather here....

... everyone is getting a little touchy. Jamie complains loudly every time I put him in the car ("Mama! Too hot! Turn on air!") and the Fool and I are both avoiding spending too much time in the great outdoors.
I started to teach myself how to crochet this week. I'm not sure why, other than wanting to make a net bag for groceries and deciding that knitting one was not the way to do it (been there, knitted that, a couple times at least.) I got a crocheter to show me the basics at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, while I was staffing a table during vendor check in, and have been figuring out the rest.
Yesterday, I taught myself how to make granny squares. I made a few from leftover sock yarn, which has been accumulating in balls in vases and jars on the mantelpiece.
The Fool and I had this conversation:
FOOL: You're really taking to this crocheting thing.
ME: Yeah, I guess. It's interesting to learn.
FOOL: What are you making?
ME: Tonight, I made granny squares out of sock yarn.
FOOL: What for?
ME: Well, I read somewhere that crocheting takes more yarn and less time than knitting, so I'm playing with the idea of making a sock yarn blanket.
FOOL: Huh. Really? That's ... that's kind of weird.
ME: I thought I could use up all the sock yarn orts that way.
FOOL: Oh! I thought you were going to make a blanket *for* the sock yarn, to throw over it when the Muggles came over or something, so they didn't see how much sock yarn you had, or didn't get scared by it, or ....
ME: You're so strange sometimes.

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