Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The day before

I always find the day before Thanksgiving to be like an extra Friday thrown into the week. Nothing's quite the way it should be, it's usually cold here in the Midwest, so it's easy to make the house feel all cozy, there's baking to be done ....
But I just want to play with yarn and sit on the couch and watch episodes of "Sherlock" on the computer. I don't want to unload the dishwasher and clean up from the Fool's gravy-making extravaganza last night.
I've been knitting along on the socks I want to have finished by Dec. 1 so I can start on the self-imposed-sock-club work. I have two ready for Kitchenering (that's two out of six, so it's possible....)
Meanwhile, in the category of Inscrutable Muggle Comments on Knitting, I got this yesterday.
MUGGLE: What are you knitting?
ME: A sock.
MUGGLE: Only one?
ME: ?!?!?
I never know what to say to that, and I get it a decent amount. "Only one?"
Well, no, not only one. Two. Most people knit two socks. I'm just not doing them both at once because that would be... insane. And that's a lot of explaining.
So I usually smile and say something awkward like, "I knit the first one," or, "I'm planning to knit two."
Or, in this case, six....


ChiLibrarian said...

Good luck finishing your list.

Aren't you tempted to be just a tad snarky with the muggles? "Yes, only one, my artificial foot doesn't get cold."

Have a happy holiday.

Tola said...

or, "i'm donating it to a soldier whose leg got blown off while protecting your freedom to say daft things." THAT ought to shut the Muggles up.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I always am knitting 2 at a time and I always feel the need to explain why and how it works - not insane at all!

I use magic loop on one needle with 2 balls of yarn, and I never have second sock syndrome, and they always match and are the same, which is vital because I seem to be unable to follow a pattern exactly, and usually just wing it.