Friday, November 19, 2010

Mom on the lam

I escaped to Target for an unsupervised visit last week. It was terrific! I looked at whatever I wanted, not just the stuff on my list, I read labels, I compared prices ... so much fun! I was standing in the office supplies aisle, wondering if they had page protectors (I have this fantasy in which I reorganize our recipe binder and put the recipes for similar types of food next to one another. Crazy, I know!)
Anyway, this guy, looking confused, turned to me and said, "I'm looking for that sparkly stuff you put on glue and blow off...."
"Glitter?" I asked.
"Yes! Is this the right aisle to look in?"
I said it was, and pointed out the little package with three little tubes of glitter in it.
"Do they have the big jars?" he said. "They just nickel and dime you with those little ones. "
We looked around, but no luck. Finally, as I was making my way to the checkout aisle, I said, "You know, there's a Michael's in this shopping plaza; they might have a better selection."
"Thank you!" he exclaimed. "I didn't think of that ... I'm divorced and I don't have a wife to tell me those things. I need a wife...."

Knitting continues. I'm in a self-imposed-sock-club with three friends, and I've been having a lot of fun picking out the 12 skeins of sock yarn that I'm going to knit up this year, and then thinking of all the patterns I might like to try out, too.

But first, I'm trying to finish up the socks in progress. By Dec. 1. Ha.
From the top: toe-up Wildfoot for the Fool; playground sock 1 in ... oh, good grief, I can't remember, but also for the Fool; playground sock 2 in ... horrors. Something else with heels and toes from the ort bowl, for Eric the accordion player; and then something in Maizy for a friend who's allergic to wool (and corn, which this is made of, but I made her promise not to eat her socks.)
And now Angus is eating a big fat slow moving winter housefly. Horrible, cat. Just horrible.

Some of the moms and kids from the Waldorf class Jamie and I are in came over for indigo dyeing today. We colored silk scarves, and another friend dyed yarn. Really fun. I enjoyed having people visit without having to take off my sweatpants.

Finally, a short parade of FOs.

This is a scarf from "A Fine Fleece," made from two skeins of Rowan Felted Tweed, which I sort of adore as a yarn. I like knitting it, I like the fabric it makes, I like the colors it comes in ... great stuff. This particular scarf, however, is going in a silent auction for Breaking Up Thanksgiving, the Chicago contra dance community's dance weekend. Which is OK. The fun was in making it.

The fun in this, however, was finishing it. I decided to knit an organic cotton baby blanket (Lion Brand) a la the modular log cabin blankets in Mason Dixon Knitting, and let me just say, after knitting this in garter stitch, I am reminded of why I quilt. But done is done and it's sitting in the linen closet, waiting for a friend's baby that's supposed to come along next spring.


LaurieM said...

Gee, maybe your Target buddy thought he could pick up a wife there....

And how will you bend the space/time continuum to finish all those socks by December 1? I'd like to learn that trick.

Katie said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I should be hanging out in Target's craft/office supplies section while looking for Mr. Right?

Also, what is the name of that gorgeous scarf pattern? I adore cables, and that looks like a great pattern. (Like I need another pattern added to my Ravelry queue...)