Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hummf. The Fool won't play

If he's not going to put his sweater together, he could do something useful, like clean out the Saturn. I'm 2/3 of the way up the hood.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anything you can knit, I can knit faster!

I can knit anything faster than you!
The Fool has been plodding along on a gorgeous little Dale of Norway sweater, that, if he were to finish it, would fit Jamie perfectly this fall. He cast it on when I was still pregnant, and has been busy producing it, in fits and spurts. There are completed sleeves, too. All it needs is assembly.
In an effort to get a usable sweater during the time of Jamie's life when it will fit him, I cast on a sweater for Jamie on Tuesday (children's top down sweater from Knitting Pure and Simple) out of some Cascade I picked up at Threadbear a few weeks ago. Then I told the Fool that I was going to be able to knit this entire sweater before he could sew some steeks, attach some sleeves and do a little finishing work on his opus.
He said, "Well, not if I get motivated."
I said, "I'll still beat you."
He said, "How do you know that?"
I said, "Because you don't know where the sleeves are."
He paused, thought, and said, "Oh, crap."
Will put up finished sweater pictures later this week. (The Fool is lobbying for the hooded version of the sweater because he thinks if I knit a hood, it will buy him valuable searching time.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sticky hot weather here....

... everyone is getting a little touchy. Jamie complains loudly every time I put him in the car ("Mama! Too hot! Turn on air!") and the Fool and I are both avoiding spending too much time in the great outdoors.
I started to teach myself how to crochet this week. I'm not sure why, other than wanting to make a net bag for groceries and deciding that knitting one was not the way to do it (been there, knitted that, a couple times at least.) I got a crocheter to show me the basics at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair, while I was staffing a table during vendor check in, and have been figuring out the rest.
Yesterday, I taught myself how to make granny squares. I made a few from leftover sock yarn, which has been accumulating in balls in vases and jars on the mantelpiece.
The Fool and I had this conversation:
FOOL: You're really taking to this crocheting thing.
ME: Yeah, I guess. It's interesting to learn.
FOOL: What are you making?
ME: Tonight, I made granny squares out of sock yarn.
FOOL: What for?
ME: Well, I read somewhere that crocheting takes more yarn and less time than knitting, so I'm playing with the idea of making a sock yarn blanket.
FOOL: Huh. Really? That's ... that's kind of weird.
ME: I thought I could use up all the sock yarn orts that way.
FOOL: Oh! I thought you were going to make a blanket *for* the sock yarn, to throw over it when the Muggles came over or something, so they didn't see how much sock yarn you had, or didn't get scared by it, or ....
ME: You're so strange sometimes.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In which we have a birthday and lots of summer

It's a humid summer here with lots of thunderstorms, the exciting Midwestern kind that wake you up at 3 a.m. with thunder and lightning. I love them so much; when I lived in Oregon, summer storms were one of the few things I missed about Illinois. It's made laundry challenging, though. We have a load that's been on the line for a few days now, because we forget to take it in, and then we get a storm, and then it's really humid, so we leave it out trying to get it to dry, but then it rains .... you see where this is going. The Fool and I capitulated and threw it in the dryer tonight because it was starting to get a little silly.
Jamie turned two on Monday. We celebrated with some grocery shopping and a nap, after which the festivities really began. When he woke up that morning, he looked at us reflectively and said, "I want ... ice cream! Chocolate ice cream!" So around 3 p.m., post-nap, I said, what the heck, kid, and we both had chocolate ice cream. Then we played with his new wooden train set, and then we went to meet the Fool for dinner and a contra dance. We brought a watermelon to share with everyone. (See above re: heat and humidity. I say that's nature's way of telling me not to bake, and definitely not to frost anything.)
But now, he is officially a toddler, I guess, and we have conversations that go like this.
ME: How would you like to walk to the post office with me?
ME: Great! Go get your shoes, please.
ME: You need to wear shoes to go to the post office. Please go get your shoes.
ME: Would you rather stay home?
ME: So you want to go to the post office?
ME: Please go get your shoes, then.
ME: How about walking to the bar?