Monday, May 23, 2011

In which Romeo contributes to household knitting projects

I decided to rip out the toe of a sock that I had worn holes into and replace it with a different yarn with a tighter gauge. It was easy to pick up at the color join, and I had prided myself for doing this while managing a slightly irritable toddler.

So Romeo last night came over to hang out with Meg and me on the couch while we were knitting, which, well... it's sweet when he does that. He's probably our plushiest cat and just loves to be scratched pretty much everywhere. I was busy scratching him, when all of a sudden I realized that he had taken my working yarn between his paws and had snipped it in half! I looked over and I swear I saw a smug face of triumph on that cat.

The arse.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Wow!!! I go on vacation for a week and you magically reappear!! Wish I had known that earlier. I'd have gone sooner. (Two high school graduating grands, one in Oklahoma, one in Texas = LOTs of travel.) Paula in Iowa