Thursday, May 19, 2011

One mouse, two mice

I reached a point several months back when I decided I would rather be knitting and sewing than blogging about it, time being in short supply.
But Jamie has come around to the point where I can do both a little bit more, and so maybe blogging will shoehorn its way back onto the list of "things I do in my free time."
Anyway, my unplanned blog vacation has been taken up with the usual stuff: traveling, contra dances, baking bread, knitting, sewing, watching a toddler, petting Angus so he doesn't get a complex … so you can pretend you know all about that and we can talk about mice instead.
Now that I hang around with moms a lot, it seems that everyone I know is having a kid. Two of our friends just had a little girl, for example. The Fool and I were visiting them a few weeks back, and Eric was on a rampage because a mouse was in his greenhouse eating his overwintered greens. He set a trap and dispatched the mouse.
So I knit them another one. But I forgot to hide it from Jamie when I wove in the ends (it's Ysolda Teague's "Mousie" - fun knit! Only took an evening, and the ears are very cleverly done without as much fiddly sewing as other mouse ears have taken) and the next day, it had moved into the Fisher Price village playset, kind of like Mousezilla, perched on top of the garage. A few minutes later, he visited the bookstore and retired to a rooftop cafe to read.

The solution became clear: I cast on Mouse II in brown that evening. The next day, Jamie said, "We can send two mice in the mail!" and I said, "If you send two mice in the mail, it means you will have no mice here, so I would like you to think about that."
He thought about it for a few hours and returned with an amended plan. "I want to send the gray mouse in the mail and keep the brown mouse with me." I need to redo Mouse II's eyes; I sewed those on late at night and it looks like someone hit him on the side of the head.

Good thinking, kid. Two mice is fine; three mice, and my knitting group will host an intervention.


Lanea said...

So, no mice for the cats? You could seem far crazier if you started making them for all of the cats. And I do mean ALL of the cats.

blogless grace said...

Nice to see you back.