Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Knitting Extravaganza

So somehow it occurred to me a few weeks ago that knitting some Christmas presents might be a good idea. The projects have grown from a simple set of lace socks for Mom to 4 or 5 knitted mice and a pair of socks for both parents. My wife is also knitting 4 mice, so we will take a nice picture of the mouse colony when we're done. If there is any time left, I may knit a llama as well. All of this along with my vow to knit a round of the sweater a day has me wondering if I will finish everything. My wife thinks I should put a temporary moratorium on the sweater until after the holidays, but I feel like this would be breaking my vows.

My wife wants to knit one of our dancing friends a fake beard. The construction has us both a bit perplexed. I suppose we could simply knit hooks onto either end and loop it around his ears. Does anyone have any knitting patterns for beards?

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