Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The agony of defeat

Off to meet the lads of Stitches in Britches tonight at the MCA. I'm bringing my Olympic knitting project.

I got my butt kicked by this little section of the instructions about midway through Olympic week and had to give up my chances at medaling. There I was, cruising along on Eris, until I hit the bottom hem. There's a funny little curved piece of hem with a lovely matching swoop of cabled whatnot to match.

I knitted eight little rows and tore them out when I had the wrong number of stitches. Undaunted, I reknit them. Again, the wrong number of stitches. So I knit them again. And still had the wrong number of stitches.

The next day, I was flying to Boston with my best friend Carrie and her two small children (2 years and 5 mos.) We were visiting two more friends of ours with an 8-month-old -- I was going along to play Tensing Norgay to her Edmund Hillary. There was no way the sweater was getting finished, not with this little bit of knitting that refused to be figured out and two sleeves to go.
Rationally, I understood that if I couldn't figure out this funny little bit of curved cabled knitting sitting on my couch with a cup of Mexican hot chocolate to hand, I definitely could not figure it out sitting next to a toddler. I took a sock.

In my duties as calabash aunt, I exposed the squids to yarn. We stopped in at a shop in Somerville, and while Carrie occupied the youth, one asleep in a kid-backpack, and the other happily being spun on a desk chair while holding a small stuffed sheep, I shopped very fast.
(Got some seriously girly pink yarn and two hanks of roving for the Fool.)

See, when I called him the night before, he told me that on Saturday, he planned to make two stops en route to a gig in Wisconsin. He was going to take 15 minutes to buy a pair of brown shoes for work (He claims guys can buy shoes in 15 minutes and women can't) and then he was stopping by The Fold.
"You are?" I said.
"I thought I might. Do you need anything?"
"No," I said, "I've got enough yarn to knit. What are you shopping for?"
"Some fuschia sock yarn and, um, maybe something else."
"Something else?"
"Well, I sort of got that promotion at work, and there's a bonus with it, and I thought I might take a little bit of that money and spend it on something for myself. Something big."
"That's a great idea," I said, imagining that he might buy enough yarn to make a sweater, say. "You should. What are you getting at the Fold that's big....waitaminnit ... are you buying a spinning wheel!"
"I thought I'd look," he said, a little defensively.

We have this running joke. If one of us takes a bite of something exceptionally delicious, like, say, a piece of homemade blueberry pie, we say, "Oh, it's not very good. You'd better let me eat it and save you the disappointment."

He called later with a full report from his trip to the Fold.
"You wouldn't like it very much," he said. "It was full of beautiful hand-dyed yarns and there's a big dog who follows you around and pokes you with his nose."

I adore big dogs. Almost more than homemade blueberry pie.

No, there's no wheel yet ... but we talked about it and agreed that if this was something he really wanted to look into, he could do some research and maybe after St. Patrick's Month (when he has a lot of gigs and I am a fiddle widow), we would go back out to Marengo and he could try out some wheels -- and I could pet the dog.

And now that I am back from Boston, I figured out what I was doing wrong, andEris is working out right and I'm on the first sleeve.


bluecanary said...

Ah, the Fold. Are you serious? You really don't need any STR? Shocking. See you tonight at the MCA!

meg said...

I haven't tried any STR yet ... we have an atrociously big sock yarn stash and I'm trying to knit some of it down before I buy more. (But we're going back in April ....)

Aprilynne said...

LOL - I wonder if they make a spinning wheel for two? (yeah right) but how fun would that be?

I love big ole dogs, too, one day I'll have a giant dog to ride around with me and the 3 kids all over the place.

I'm glad you figured out the wavy cable thing - it's SO frustrating when you can't figure out the one little thing that makes a world of difference in a pattern, and SUCH a relief when it finally clicks!

Thorny said...

OMG. He went to The Fold? You guys might go together? Again?

Buh-buh-buh... *snivel* But I wanna go toooooooo! *dork*

And they have a big dog? That's it. We're moving to Marengo.

knit chick said...

I've been wanting to check out the SnB at the MCA, but I have a class Tues nights. Hope you had fun!

I like April's comment about getting a spinning wheel for two. That was pretty cool.

Is it bad when The Fold=STR and Marengo=STR to me?

GaiaGal said...

Aha! Once again i've proven to myself why i keep returning to your posts to see what little gems one of you has left behind, i'm so tickled! Had i not come in today, i would never have learned who "Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay" were! I always learn something new. Thanks!

Having recently moved far away from the South Eastern most side of the "Chicagoland Area", i have to keep up with folks back "home". Heh!

When a wheel shows up, could we have lots of pictures so those of us without one can drool??

Congrats to The Fool on his "sort of getting that promotion at work" ;)


Holly @Home said...

Hello Meg...Mum says do you play "Delta Blues" that all sounds the same to her ? Anyhow she loves the Alice Starmore vest she has "Celtic Knits" bit has only ogled it so far .She does knit fair- isle but not as often as she did .It is on her list of knits is only she could stop with Kaffe's patterns. Holly and angie who wouldn't swap Jeff for all the "Noro" ..no wait !