Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Meg!

Sorry there have been so few posts these last couple of weeks. St. Patrick's Month combined with the promotion at work has left me incredibly busy.

I want to take this opportunity to wish my dear wife a most happy birthday. She prefers to think of it as the fifth anniversary of a birthday she had five years ago. Regardless, we're celebrating with dinner at Hopleaf Bar with a few friends.

The plan is to try to finish Fiesta Feet by tonight, which is a bit aggressive but doable. Thanks to Lucy Neatby's apparent philosophy of "always decrease every round in the gusset and toe," they are snug and pointy. Oh, well. The brilliant color scheme makes up for it. The camera is hiding somewhere, else I would take a picture of them. Franklin has a good picture of them here.

Stitches in Britches is going along fabulously. Franklin just posted about Tuesday night's meeting, classifying me as the type of guy "who enjoys the sort of knitting that would make other people cry." Hah! It's not as hard as it looks. I was working both Fiesta Feet socks together on one circ out of necessity. Running out of the purple main color yarn, I wanted it to end in the exact same spot on both socks. The result was having to use three balls of yarn at once: two balls of variegated (one per sock), and one ball of the purple from both ends. This led to much tangling and cursing at various stages of the endeavor. I finally got the rhythm of it down just as I finished up the ball of purple.

In other news, Meg has started the frog socks. This is very exciting, because not only is the yarn frog-colored, but the pattern is very nubbly and reminds her of a frog. Plus, the toes are going to be bright orange! I'll let her tell you more about the pattern and approach when she posts.


Aidan said...

Happy Birthday Meg! I have seen the Feet up close, and they are going to be beautiful! (Let's hope the Fool finishes them in time...those last rows do seem to fly by once the decreases get going.)

I can't wait to see the pics.

Sockbug said...

Happy Birthday Meg! Those Fiesta Feet look marvy!

Franklin said...

Many happy returns of the day, Meg!

Celtic Knitter said...

Hey, I'll assume you have lots o' gigs . . . good luck!!

As for the stitch and britches . . . I caught the pics. You look great!! It was you who was doing that fancy 2 socks on one circular needle!!

Aprilynne said...

5th anniversary of 5 years ago! LOL that's great. But hey, I can say that I love being 6years past the 6 years ago, b/c since it makes me 4 years from the 4 years from now age which means I take no bull from anyone. So, I'm thirty dern six and refuse to accept being questioned about anything from anyone ever again! =)*)

I like doing two socks on one circ, but getting the tangling disease under control is always an issue. I actually did a tutorial on it - except it was 2 circs. And I do the thing with the one ball from both ends too, sometimes you just have to use ever little bit you have.

Glad y'all posted again!

GaiaGal said...


Oh, wait!

Happy Birthday Meg!!

Did someone say, "frog"?? I adore frogs. Can't wait to see the "frog socks" as they progress!!