Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Knit It Up

The latest episode of the Stitches in Britches meeting occurred this evening at our usual hangout, the Argo Tea Cafe at the corner of State and Randolph in the Loop. We were graced with a visitor from Japan who is over in Chicago for a few days. While Mariko is not technically male, we figured we'd bend the rules a bit for someone who has traveled so far.

She runs a sake party planning business. Aidan suggested that we all take a field trip to Japan and attend one of her parties. What an excellent idea.

Jim was back tonight. He brought his newest knitted toy to show the group. He's working on a whole family of stuffed knitted animals.

Andy was there, working on what I believe is a hat... or is it a matching neck warmer? Andy, if you're reading this, please set me straight.

Aidan was working on another sock. What a sock-knitting fiend! He may have to supplant me as the new Sock Knitter.

I'm sorry to say that I didn't get a photo of Franklin knitting, though he looks quite dashing modeling Andy's newly-completed neck warmer.

In other news, we discussed yarn made of stainless steel (I suggested that the finished product would have to be armor, or possibly silverware), monkey-picked tea, and the luac (a.k.a "cat turd") coffee craze of the late nineties. Andy was also kind enough to point Mariko towards the nearest sake bar.

Though we rolled out of the cafe a bit early this evening, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Celtic Knitter said...

It's so neat to see people I know from blogging all together.

I wish the men's knitting group in Toronto worked out . . . it never really got off the ground. :(

Andy said...

That was a quick post, Jonathan! Yes, a short, but fun and relaxing evening. So here's the truth in advertising: Franklin is modeling the cowl (from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, page 95) in gray alpaca (from my 20+ year-old stash!). In the picture, I'm working on a new cowl in a black cotton/microfiber/silk blend (Debbie Bliss "Cathay"). So there! Maybe I'll try a sock or two in the near future! Till next time...

Aidan said...

We'll have to organize a fundraiser to pay for our "class trip". How many chocolate bars do you think we'll have to sell to raise enough to send us all to Japan?

Zee said...

How cool! I would SO enjoy getting together with other knitters; your meetings always seem much fun. :)

I'm trying to see if I get a knitting group going 'round where I live. Wish me luck!

Franklin said...

Stitches in Britches: The International Edition. Thanks for the lovely write-up - and pictures of me I quite like!

SheKnits said...

I do believe, you boys have too much fun!

Im heading to Chicago in September, bend the rules for me? haha.