Friday, January 26, 2007

Weekend update

The Fool, despite my hints to the contrary, refuses to post. He refuses to show you his Socks That Rock basketweave sock in Scottish Highlands. He refuses to discuss his Shetland fair isle project. He refuses to show off some very cute stuffed animals he made.
It is because, in part, we are married, and we like to think that married people share stuff. That means when someone comes down with a miserable, long-lasting cold (nearly done, thanks much) ... we share it.
But because we are musicians, too, we engaged in something called "Theme and variations."
It means that while I had a sinus infection, he swapped it for a fever and chills. While I had very little coughing, he has had a lot.
(Side note: Did you know that wearing heavy wool sweaters and drinking hot tea can cause a person's temperature to shoot up to 102? Because he swore up and down he wasn't sick. He was just inexplicably, uncomfortably cold.)


Here are two bears with a small kid, which some of you may recognize from Thorny Knits (the kid, not the bears.) The bears are from Interweave Knits' most recent holiday knitting issue. The Fool did the bulk of the knitting, and I did the finishing work.

This is the Fool trying to pose with the bears and a kid on his lap when the kid does not want to sit still and instead wants to slither down his legs.
This is a closeup of the bears, more or less. I've got to learn to embroider better eyes. Or the small people I know have to get to the stage in their lives when they will not be at risk of picking button eyes off and eating them.
It's a busy weekend so far. Last night, we went to the Old Town School of Folk music with Sarah
who we had met at Franklin's Dulaan Knit-in lo-so-many weeks ago. Turns out that not only does she knit, she plays the mandocello! There was contra and square dances, lots of jamming and lots of friends. Our banjo-playing personal-electrician buddy got his socks (he likes them!)
Today, we had dim sum with a couple friends and their toddlers, and tonight was the fifth annual Robert Burns Supper.
And that's about it chez Socknitters.


Eldronius said...

Ah, the bears look so cute with the kid and the fool.

And I am jealous of your dim sum experience. I have been waiting to go for months now, but I feel the need to have at least four people...darn them all. *cries over the loss of dim sum*

I hope y'all are both feeling better soon.

Knitting Rose said...

I love the bears!! they are too cute - I love your blog - I read every update.