Thursday, August 02, 2007

it's good to have standards

The Fool and I have a little after-work routine.
When his bus drops him off up the hill, he calls me, and I walk up to meet him. Our street, as it's unincorporated, hasn't got sidewalks for a large part of it, so you have to walk on the side of the road.
As we were walking home, a jerk in an SUV, who didn't edge over to give us any room to walk, honked rudely.
The Fool, right hand outstretched in an impolite gesture, rather uncharacteristically shouted, "F**k you!"
"What did that guy do?" I asked, stunned.
"He didn't pull over and he was really rude about it," the Fool said. "At least I didn't give him the full-on gesture. I only held up my index finger."
"Well, that seems cruder, somehow. Just shouting isn't so bad."

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Eldronius said...

I totally agree. Of course I probably would have shouted "Poodlebutt!"

In fact, once I grimaced at a passing van in a parking lot. The driver screeched to a halt, jumped out of the van, and verbally accosted me. It was quite frightening, especially since I am almost positively certain it was Vanilla Ice. I had just seen this special on VH1 showing what he looked like then...and I knew he lived in the area. Go Vanilla Ice!