Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wildlife... around the house

Lena, thinking about eating some crabapples off a tree in the front yard. Her companion, Leonard, is not pictured.

This is Gerry, our little groundhog fink, eating a pear off our tree in the backyard. The picture was taken through the window screen, hence the foggy resolution. Sort of makes him seem more menacing, doesn't it?

Meg and Janice in a wild afghan (er, poncho) doing something goofy.

Not actually in my yard, this is the great Warthog Fountain of Dallas! (I don't know if they actually call it that. Or if there are more than one. I just thought it was random and funky.)


Janice said...

Hmm. Quite the two-headed poncho picture there. Its future recipients thank you!


Eldronius said...

That boar is in Dallas? It looks like it is posing for Playgirl. (Not that I have any idea what that would look like or anything.)

Anonymous said...

we also have deeer and groundhog in our backyard.

and fox and skunk and squirrel.

no moose.

AND only 17 miles from the city limits.

thanks for sharing all the pix.

anne marie in philly

Knitting Rose said...

Where is Dallas is the warthog? funny - Love the menacing rodent!

the fiddlin' fool said...

The warthog is outside an El Fenix restaurant, just southeastish of Richardson. I think it's off exit 16 of the LBJ.

Mel said...

I have a photo of that same boar, except it's a small statue from ancient Rome in the Vatican's collection. How weird that it's also a fountain in Dallas. The Vatican also has one of a lioness crouched over a disemboweled sheep. Didn't see a fountain like that, didja?

Jen said...

Hey - River Falls contra dancer here - Just saw your website this morning and glanced around for a few minutes when I was suprised by your photo of the hog. I've seen that statue before - in Florence, Italy! It's a bronze fountain in an outdoor marketplace, and as far as I can tell they're the same size. There was a small frog sitting on the edge of the pool below the hog, I can't see it in your photo but I wonder if you remember it?

Anyways, i took a picture of it when i was there and I thought you might like to see - here.