Thursday, May 15, 2008


Gray day, a little cold. The pregnancy hormones are making me insane today, as evidenced by a call to the Fool around 2 p.m. that sent him running to a coworker with small kids for advice on how to deal with the crazy pregnant lady at home.
I found a whole patch of morels sprouting in a completely different place in my yard this morning. Enough that the Fool is going to grill four steaks so a couple friends can come over for dinner.
We're heading out on another adventure this weekend. Moon Fest in Gold Hill, Colo. Contra dancing, old time music and who knows what else? We're bringing Edward with us. He's going to be a responsible graduate student and return on Sunday to teach his Monday morning calculus class. We are going on for further escapades in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm going to knit socks on vacation.
But first, a short parade of FOs and a quick update on activities chez Socknitters.

Three pairs of mittens for the Dulaan Project. I was reading an article about the miserable cold winter in China, and the Associated Press had taken a picture of an old Chinese woman in the country, hauling something heavy to market, wearing no mittens at all. I know how unhappy I am in the winter, and I suspect she was too, so I decided to knit stashbusting mittens for Mongolia. At least someone is going to have warm hands. I used an assortment of worsted weight wools from the stash basket, coupled with the basic mitten pattern from Ann Budd's handy uber-pattern book that I'm too lazy to go get the exact title for.
Tried something new to cope with thumbs, the bane of my existence. I bought a set of 4-inch DPNs at the urging of Crazy Lanea, who said she's not a fan, but I might be, and heck, for $5, I should find out.
I'm a fan.

These are a pair of gansey inspired socks off Knitty. They're for the Fool. He loves them. He said they are one of the few things he's seen lately that's gotten him excited about knitting socks again, something about the large-scale pattern. Not sure. But I'm making them out of Lorna's Laces, and they're a delightful knit. I'm on the second sock and expect to have them finished by the end of the vacation. Heck, maybe by the end of the flight.

Duck footed booties from Zoe Mellor's baby bootie book. I sent them to Boston, just in time for a nice warm summer ... sigh. My timing, she is not so good sometimes. Hopefully the kid will still fit into them by fall. I need to learn a stretchier bindoff. They were fun to knit, though, which is good, because I might make another pair for someone one of these days.

Socks for my friend Miriam, she of the amazing inherited stash. They're in Wildfoote (colorway: Rhapsody), which is a great sock yarn. I keep forgetting how much I like knitting with Wildfoote (which I always trip up and call Woollyfoot.) The pattern is a lace thing out of the Vogue socks book.

Not a knitting project. The Fool, Edward and I went to Milwaukee a few weeks back to play for an Irish set dance. The Cosmic Otters are diversifying. It was huge fun, but I couldn't take any pictures because unlike contra dancing, there isn't a break for the band. You just keep hurling Irish tunes out, one after the other, fast and loud, until the evening's over and everyone is sweaty and happy. We did good, though. The organizer said we can come back any time.
To kill a little time before the gig, we went to a museum on the lakefront with exhibits about the Great Lakes ecosystem and various other features of life on the lakes. Here the Fool and Edward are studying pulleys.
Off to get the rest of the evening going.


Katy said...

As you are going to Gold Hill, CO, you should have dinner at the Gold Hill Inn. My sister's roommate's Dad is the chef and for all I know that is where Moon Fest is held. Its an incredibly small town. But anyway. Get dinner there. Its very good, worth whatever money they ask for, and a true Colorado experience.

Oh, and get some Beau Jo's pizza for me too, if you have time and are near one.

Diane said...

Poor Fool. There is no way to deal with a crazy pregnant lady. That's the cold, hard fact.

meg said...

Diane - that's more or less what his coworker said.

Miriam S said...

Meg, I love the socks. I'm wearing them right now. Thank you! - Miriam

Lanea said...

(poking head out of remodeling and traveling chaos to say) I'm glad you like the short needles! I think there's something weird about my knitting style that makes them poke me. Congrats on the set dancing gig! That's very cool. I hope it was fun.