Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've tried not to be the kind of person....

... who leaves a trail of unfinished projects in her wake, knitting or otherwise.
But I had to go to the bookstore this morning to get a wedding present for someone and I decided to check out the knitting books because you never know, and I found "A Fine Fleece," and before I knew it, there I was at the checkout counter with two books and now?
Now I want to stuff all my projects in a box, cram it in a dark closet and cast something or everything on from this book. I might try to take the edge off with a pair of socks, see if that prevents me from buying Blackwater Abbey in quantity.
Off to putter in the garden for a bit before the Fool comes home.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, don't you realize that while you're pregnant you can get away with virtually anything? And then you still can, because you're nursing. Or you have a newborn, and you're not getting much sleep. And then you still can, because you've spend all day chasing after a toddler. And then, and then. Wait, now I'm sounding like Dude, Where's my car?