Monday, July 07, 2008

Angus gets half a bath on the Fourth of July

FOOL: Oh, hullo Angus. You're going to sit on the bookcase and watch me paint? Good cat.

ANGUS: Hey, he's waving a big stick around! I think I could reach out and grab that stick with my paws!
FOOL: No! Angus! Bad cat! Leave the paint roller alone!

ANGUS: Fine. I'll just beat my tail against the wall in irritation.
Thwap, thwap, thwap.
Enough of that. Time to leap down and race through the house.
FOOL: Gaaagh! The cat's got paint on his tail! Grab the cat, grab the cat!
ME: Get the camera! We have a blog!
FOOL: The camera?! Get the cat! The cat!

(I won.)

ANGUS: Rotten shampooing bastards. Now I have a ratty wet tail and bottom.

(More holiday adventures to come: contra dance weekend, finished socks, good stuff...)


LaurieM said...

Angus looks a lot like Dusty over at Cabin Cove.

Fun to get a chuckle at the cat's expense, thanks for getting the camera Meg!

the fiddlin' fool said...

My god, Angus looks so demoralized in that picture. Okay, I forgive you for grabbing the camera... mostly. :)

meg said...

Laurie - I've been following the adventures at Cabin Cove - I think I've turned into a sucker for white cats with big personalities.

anne marie in philly said...

awww, poor angus! he was just trying to help you paint the wall with his tail....

I lerve the new white kitty at dave's place too!

Diane said...

my second daughter was painting a huge sign a couple weeks ago and one of my cats (who I'm sure is related in some demonic way to Angus) casually walked across it and took ran off thru the house. Easy enough to find her .... just followed the yellow paw prints.

meg said...

cats have no respect for wet paint.