Thursday, July 10, 2008

More knitting opportunities!

I saw this in the NY Times this morning - winter knitwear in summer could be the Next Big Thing. (Personally, these days, the idea of wearing anything beyond Enough To Not Get Me Arrested makes me break out in a sweat.)

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PICAdrienne said...

One of my daughters was born in July. That was the year the temperatures started hitting 70 in March and didn't stop until September, they just got a lot warmer. Of course, the air conditioning in the building I worked in broke in June, and it took a few weeks to get it fixed. I felt sorry for the one guy on my team. I was very pregnant, the other two women on our team were going through menopause, and had their own weather, and his wife was pregnant. Poor guy never got a break. Light, flowing, loosely woven linen was not too obnoxious.