Monday, July 21, 2008

Saxony socks

So these are the finished Saxony socks from Lisa Lloyd's "A Fine Fleece." They're knit for the Fool in Dream in Color seconds. I made one change -- decided to turn the cables into ribbing down the instep. The pattern had it in plain knitting, and it looked a little abrupt to me.

I also had the urge to make something for Taterbug the other week, so I cast on and knit a quick pair of baby socks out of some leftover Sockina cotton kicking around. I'm stopping at just one pair for now. I've heard different reports on how babies take to wearing socks/ booties, and if the kid is not going to wear socks, I'm not going to knit them. They're sitting on top of the Saxony socks for scale.

The Fool pretty much summed up the fiber festival we were at - it's only the second year for this event, and I like it quite a bit. Last year, it was outdoors under big tents, and although I understand there were issues with weather, I think I like that better. This year, it was at a community college, and it felt a little more spread out. Ah well. I found some handmade soap and a funny sheep mug, and two skeins of sock yarn from Miss Babs. The Fool has already adopted one of the skeins and hinted rather strongly that he would like it if it turned into a pair of socks that fit him.
(He was totally right about the alpaca, too. I was visiting two of them outside when the bigger of the pair stuck its head through the bars of the pen and poked Taterbug with its sweet furry alpaca snout. I'm in love. I just passed 37 weeks, and apparently, this is pregnant enough that people start looking at you in alarm like you might just lie down and have a baby right there. I kept wanting to ask people, when they inquired as to my due date, and then stepped back a little bit, "Do you think I'd be out shopping for yarn if I were in labor?"
OK. I might. How close is the yarn store to my house, how badly do I need this yarn, and is it on sale. A good sale. Not, like, 20 percent off. But I really think I wouldn't.)


=Tamar said...

In my experience, babies and toddlers shed their socks every five minutes, often in the grocery store. Indoor slippers in winter, bare feet and sandals in summer. Socks are for ages four and up. YMMV.

Pollianicus said...

I love the comments about once you reach 37 weeks. When I was 41 weeks with my first we went viewing houses (as you do) and one house we were in the woman showing us round asked - "so when are you due?" "Last week" I replied.

Not only did the woman step back but I swear I read her thoughts... "Please - not on my cream carpet."