Friday, September 19, 2008


Today be Talk Like A Pirate Day!
And I was too busy nurrrrrrsin' to talk to anyone like a pirate. Curses! Perhaps I will go to Starrrbucks and talk to the barrrrista after dinnerrrr!

So I picked up a stalled project, the Kauni autumn leaves sweater, and started knitting on it again, and now it has consumed what was left of my life outside taking care of Jamie. Angus also likes this sweater. He was kind enough to bite the end off one of the needles, leading me to think maybe I need to shed my Addi Natura habit for a Knitpicks one. Also, he carried my unfinished sweater down the hallway one night and left it outside the bedroom door -- with the balls of yarn in the living room, a trail of green down the hall.

Anyway, it's been going along swimmingly. The only disappointment is that fuel prices, airfares and the general economy have added up to "no Rhinebeck" this year. Sigh. We're thinking of taking a long weekend in Wisconsin or something, just to see pretty leaves, which is where I will be showing off my completed sweater, I hope. It's good to have goals.
Another goal is to start saving up now for Maryland Sheep and Wool -- grin.


anne marie in philly said...

I live considerably closer to rhinebeck, and it is not in the cards for me either.

the best I can do is 3 classes at stitches east in baltimore; only 1 hour away via amtrak.

angus knows what he likes, doesn't he?

how have the cats adjusted to jamie? can you see your ankles yet?

happy autumn!

Stephenson! said...

I've been wondering about the progress on this sweater. I've missed seeing it. I just love the colors.

*hugs to everyone*

Diane said...

Angus sounds just like my little guy Moe. He ruined the cables on 2 of my knit pick fixed end needles and 4 bamboo double points. Moe learned how to unzip my knitting bag so I had to put all wip in a drawer at the end of the night. Oh course Moe was a foster kitten so he was finally adopted by a lovely young woman .... who doesn't knit.

JakkiMitch said...

[Hmmm...perhaps that's why I have houseplants and not houseanimals!]

Wow! Gorgeous sweater - very ambitious project! I'm still working on getting stripes right. :-)

JustApril said...

You are my hero! Doing color work and nursing AND talking like a pirate? Very coordinated of you - hahaha Your project is very very pretty.

(I missed talk like a pirate day for 3 years in a row - ARG!)