Sunday, September 14, 2008

Domestic harmony

Scene: The breakfast table. Jamie muttering happily to himself in his bouncy chair, deciding whether to demand More Food Now! The Fool and I drinking coffee.
From the hallway:
SPOOT: Hurrf! Hurrf! Hurrf! Yarrrf! (and other cat vomiting noises!)
FOOL: Spoot! Oh no! Poor girl. How are you?
ME: Is it bad?
FOOL: No, it's on the hardwoods. Actually, it's not so bad at all, now that we're taking care of a baby.

(Thanks for all the comments re: diaper bag. We've come up with some solutions about how better to use the backpack as well - but after yesterday's adventures, the main problem with the bag is not what's in it, but that it's not waterproof. I'll let the Fool discuss. Closing in on a sock foot, resurrecting a dormant project. Pictures to come.)


JustApril said...

oh no - not the waterproof thing *trauma relived*

But... lol - cat vomit not so bad after taking care of a baby - THAT'S funny and oh so true.

Lanea said...

Ahhh, pets. They are disgusting. As are babies sometimes.

Kayo got skunked yesterday morning, so I'm thinking pets are grosser than babies right now.

Anonymous said...

That's so very true. The things that used to make you jump right up no longer have that same effect. Now, you'll know for sure you're down the long road when you hear someone/something upchucking and you reach out with your hand and catch it.