Friday, October 03, 2008

... and we're off!

It's been a busy few weeks chez SockKnitters. We've been taking Jamie on a variety of urban and suburban adventures. He went back to the arboretum with me, where I was volunteering while I was pregnant, and spent a pleasant hour or so in the exhibits office, sleeping in his sling while I did some dry-mounting and laminating.
We went to a playgroup for new moms together. Three of the kids are old enough to sit up and play; the rest of them, including Jamie, sit in laps, nurse, nap and wiggle around while the associated mothers revel in adult conversation and eat brownies.

We went apple-picking with Edward and Rachel and made a great dinner to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary.

Jamie slept in his sling.

And we went downtown to the Field Museum on that really rainy weekend when the remnants of the hurricane swept through the Midwest. It was free day for employees and families of the Fool's workplace, and we had been meaning to take advantage of this for three years, so we decided, hell or high water, we would make it this year. Because we are also trying to be responsible about energy consumption, we decided to take the train downtown, walk to State Street and catch a bus to the museum. In the rain. With Jamie. And a recalcitrant secondhand stroller, since replaced.

The Fool and I visited the museum's excellent exhibit on evolution. Jamie slept in his sling. Probably just as well. Lots of scary dinosaurs.

Here we are in Millennium Park. Jamie slept in his sling.

The rain caused the cancellation of the Chicago Celtic Fest, so we did not get to see a bunch of Cape Breton musicians we really hoped to see. Here's the Fool, as close as he got to the concert.

We went to the Kalamazoo Irish Fest to hear the Fool play with his Irish band. Jamie slept in his sling, for the most part, but also woke up so we could dance together.

We had a stray cat visit the porch a few days ago, and because we love our animal friends (read: are big fat suckers), we put out a little food and a bowl of clean water. Angus and Mab kept our visitor company during dinner.

I've been knitting on my Kauni autumn leaves sweater, which is a great deal of fun. I've got a lot of momentum going on this project and while I am not ready to abandon my beloved cables, this stranded knitting has its good points. I don't think I'll ever be the Fair Isle fanatic the Fool is, though.

More adventures afoot, but first! I get a shower!


anne marie in philly said...

thanks for sharing!

jamie is missing all the good times by sleeping constantly.

and you both look comfortable carrying jamie in the sling.

meg, you look mahveloussssss!

happy autumn to all at chez fool (and happy 5th anniversary!)!

Rachel said...

i could have provided you a much more flattering picture :) and a couple funny ones of jonathan not falling out of the tree!

glad we got to spend so much time with you all doing fun things over the past few weeks :)