Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome to the new workplace

Jamie woke up, this time without shrieking, but just by opening his eyes and peering around at us, a definite improvement. The Fool made coffee, which I smelled, and which drew me out of bed, which was just as well, because I had to meet a freelance client at 10:30 a.m., which, pre-baby, used to be halfway through my morning and definitely do-able.
The Fool is working from home today because the furnace broke last night (an extra quilt and two cats kept the three of us very comfortable and warm), and in keeping with the urge to make warm, friendly food, I tried to make oatmeal without overflowing it in the microwave (I failed), then without slopping the spillage from the plate onto the floor (failed again) and then, insult to injury, stepped in it. (Ish.)
Out the door, running late, got to my meeting, stopped to pick up lunch for the two of us on the way home ... late.
The Fool had an online training to conduct, requiring my presence to mind Jamie while he lectured on, uh, computer and programming stuff, so when I got in, I saw this:

(note stylish moose pants for the working-from-home dad)
I ate my lunch on the floor with Jamie, accidentally inserting some background noise into the training.

ME: Angus! Cats don't eat Chipotle! Go away!
FOOL: Shhhhh!

Jamie nursed for a few minutes, fell asleep in my lap, and I got to knit a half dozen rounds before the Fool's call ended, and now I'm waiting to talk to one last person and send off my freelance assignment.
The heater is fixed, the house is warm, Jamie is happy and Angus is, thankfully, asleep. And I am about halfway done with this sleeve. Hooray!

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Lorna said...

Sounds like a typical day in the life of a Mom (and Dad)!!!

Your sweater is looking so gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it!