Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Consolation Rhinebeck '08

Somehow, the New York Sheep and Wool Festival goes on without us. Last year, we went to Arthur, Ill. rather than Rhinebeck. This year, when airfare proved to be too high, we went to Madison, Wis.

(See! We were there! And Jamie is not asleep in his sling.)

We went to the wonderful Dane Co. Farmer's Market, held downtown around the Capitol building and bought leeks, wee potatoes, apples for applesauce and pie and eating for snacks (although we miscalculated and just ended up having enough for pie and snacks), and heirloom garlic and a delicata squash, which I read about in some fancy-pants food magazine and want to try cooking.

(I bought some of those potatoes near the top.)

We ate breakfast at the Hubbard Ave. Diner and got slices of pie for later, because even though I'm an advocate of pie for breakfast, I'm not gutsy enough to order that in a restaurant.
We went to yarn stores and came away with some Cascade, some Noro and a skein of Cascade sock yarn. I'm knitting the Embossed Leaves socks out of some Claudia's Handpainted, and these are turning out to be some really fun socks to knit. So fun, in fact, that I plan to make a pair in a green colorway to cover both seasons. The Fool is muttering about making Jamie some soakers for winter.
What? We had to go to yarn stores. It's a Consolation Rhinebeck tradition.
We visited Thorny for a while.
We went to the contra dance in town Saturday night, where Jamie made more friends.

(Mary is comfortable and warm, Jamie says. Nice to sleep on.)
The Wire Tappers played, and they were great fun. Then we went back to our hotel room, and ate pie.

(The band, and Bill, the caller, who is a good clogger although you can't tell from this photo.)
The next day, we stopped in Mt. Horeb on our way home. Mt. Horeb has a Trollway, which is a collection of troll statues along the main street, a troll-themed brewpub and the only mustard museum I have ever been in. We enjoyed all three.


(the Fool pauses on the Trollway)

(The world-famous mustard museum. Edward asked us to bring him some souvenir mustard. We got him some with whiskey in it, not what I thought was the weirdest flavor in the museum shop. That was chocolate merlot.)
And now we are home, and the Fool's dad is coming to see us at the end of the week, and hoo boy, do we have some cleaning to do.

(Also? I steeked!)


JakkiMitch said...

My DD3 & I went to Madison (for the first time) last week. Great campus! Thanks for all the info about the Mustard Museum. We drove by Mt. Horeb on the way & saw a sign for Poupon U - laughed for at least 5 miles! Mustard with booze? Sounds like a good Christmas gift for my brother :-)

Anonymous said...

Mustard and alcohol? That can't be all bad. Love the sling pictures too. Brings back such snuggly memories!

Lanea said...

See, that looks like a fun trip. And really, Rhinebeck was no fun without you.