Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy May! Random day.

* I invented a cake tonight. Well, sort of. It was a plain-Jane chocolate cake, one layer, mix in one bowl, to which I added a stiff spoonful of espresso powder. I plan to frost it with a thin layer of Nutella and top with toasted hazelnuts. I think I inadvertently made the cake version of the Fool's favorite Starbucks drink, the hazelnut latte.

* I am thinking very longingly of lentils and rice with toasty onions on top. This might be lunch sooner rather than later. It reminds me of college.

* My fruit trees bloomed when I wasn't looking.

* Ever since I read in some folklore book that girls, to ensure a clear complexion, washed their face in the May Day dew, I have done this religiously. I kid you not.

* Whenever I sheepishly admit to the Fool something that Jamie did when I wasn't noticing too closely, such as trying to eat a dead bug out of the sliding door track, the Fool outdoes me. He admitted today that last night, while I was at knit group, Jamie found my house flip-flops and licked the entire sole of one of them. That kid is going to have the most amazing immune system .... sigh. I feel like this might be the rhythm of parenting. Whatever you feel like you did wrong, your spouse has probably done as bad, if not worse, and just hasn't told you yet.

* I wish I could go see someone dance up the sun tomorrow. A lot of my friends are either dancing with Morris sides or watching in their home towns, and I wish I were too.

* Lace, lace, lace. This is all I am interested in knitting these days.

* Except for today, when I tried to knit a stockinette portion of a sock and messed it up right and left. I put decreases in weird places, I forgot how to knit a heel flap, crazy, crazy stuff.

* Oh, and I also made Jamie a pair of pants from "Weekend Sewing." I have much more to say about this, once I get the waistband taken in correctly. They're very good pants, if I do say so myself. I quilt enough that I have a good stash of fabric in patterns any discerning baby would be thrilled to wear. As long as that baby is cool with frogs on his bum.


Stephenson! said...

That cake sounds so awesome... I might just have to try it.

meg said...

Re: the cake. A few pointers. When they say to put parchment paper in the pan, don't skip this because it's 9 p.m. and you really want cake and you're feeling lazy. Because then the cake will not come out of the pan. Also? Nutella is not quite as spreadable as frosting, and probably should be beaten with a little milk to make that work better. Other than that, go for it. Totally worth it.

=Tamar said...

"I put decreases in weird places, I forgot how to knit a heel flap"

Sounds as though you're becoming a major sock designer. Write it down and make a book out of it, and become famous.

word verification: gringel: a slightly sticky grin?

meg said...

Haha! Major sock designer. Heh.

the fiddlin' fool said...

You are, though. You're the author of the now world-famous Nutkin 2 sock that distributes with every KnitML download!